Dud Northern Bank notes already…

The newly designed Northern Bank notes (no, not these ones) were launched on the 9th March this year following the Northern Bank raid. Well, Slugger can reveal that it has not taken the forgers long to get to work. Dolores Kelly the SDLP’s candidate in Upper Bann was in Tescos in Lurgan today, when she discovered one of her £10 notes was in fact counterfeit. That’s just about fifty days later. Back to the drawing board?

  • inky

    With the huge advances in digital print technology over the last number of years,i’m surprised it took this long.

    You don’t need plates to duplicate notes any longer

  • A.W.

    Why do we have to suffer these local notes AT ALL

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    Are the plastic ones not harder to counterfeit? The fivers were supposedly introduced as a test marketing scheme of some sort – no results after all these years?

  • Gonzo


    The polymer notes are still good – they were the only note that wasn’t recalled by Northern.

  • ahem!

    Wonder who’s behind those?

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    Sorry Gonzo, I meant if these new notes have been forged so easily, could they not have replaced them with plastic notes, since one of the benefits of these was that they’d supposedly be harder to forge. Has this not proven to be the case?

  • Gonzo

    Good question.

  • Brian

    Now if this were a Sinn Féin member rather than Uncle (Aunty?) Tom Dolores Kelly of the sdlp, all hell would break loose and the SF member would probably be charged with using counterfeit money. But hold on, could the stoopies be involved in the Northern Bank robbery????

  • kitty

    “Wonder who’s behind those?”

    Well, it must be non-republicans- because this topic only has about 8 responses:-)No speculation on this one.
    But wait, it is early days yet, surely some of our fine commentators will find some way to link republicans to this!

  • Mick

    According to the PSNI yesterday, the polymer 5s are the only one of any of the NI notes that haven’t been forged.

  • andy

    “Wonder who’s behind those?”

    Probably some 15 year old with his new pc and printer