Alliance may call in police…

ALLIANCE is now considering calling in the police to investigate suspected UUP dirty tricks, as further links between the Ulster Unionists and a disputed leaflet are uncovered.

  • Clive McFarland

    Some of these quotes are priceless

    “The UUP denied any connection to Circle Creative Communications until it was pointed out that the company produced pre- election literature for party headquarters at Cunningham House.

    The company also denied any link to the UUP until it was pointed out that they had produced campaign leaflets.”

    Firstly the UUP dont just deny any link to the leaflet, but even the company who produced them despite the nasty fact that the company name was nicely written all over some of the glowing productions produced before the campaign started.

    Then the company denies any link to the UUP – whilst that is understandable after even branches of the party are fleeing lemming-like from the UUP, it is a little hard to say that they have no links to the UUP having been given contracts to produce election drivel.

  • Davros

    If it’s not for Insurance purposes, this won’t help the APNI in West Belfast 😉

  • davidbrew

    You’d think that Lord Ballyedmund’s membership of Fianna Fail could help them come up with a more convincing denial. All together now-


  • Tiny

    Rather than make rash comments I would prefer it if David Forde can explain how a vote for Seamus Close in Lagan Valley will benifit anyone other than Donaldson. I respect Seamus but he hasn’t a hope of even coming close

  • aquifer

    Close called it right on Sinn Fein way back. He should have been leader if he could have cut back on the wordcount. Alliance should help cut the UUP out of the equation, in their own interests.

  • Young Fogey

    I respect Seamus but he hasn’t a hope of even coming close

    And Basil McWhatsit has?

  • Mike Stevenson

    Notably Lagan Valley was 1. Donaldson 2. Close in 1997 and the even in the very bad (for APNI) 2001 Westminster election when Close actually increased his vote by 11. Seats are often about personalities and the Lisburn folk don’t know Basil McWhatsit. I’m going to stick my neck out and call it no change this time. Basil will come third. Best thing the UUP (and SDLP) could do is to stand down and give Seamus a straight run at the pious Jeffrey. After all the UUP want to be seen as decent people so why don’t they do the decent thing.

  • Keith M

    I’m not for a moment going to condone these kind of dirty tricks, but the APNI really asked for it. After North Down in 2001 and designating themselves as unionists for a day, who would believe that the party wouldn’t be encouraging their supporters to prop up Trimble? If you make a doormat of yourself, don’t complain when people walk on you.

  • Hear!Hear!

    Hear! Hear! Keith M

  • IJP


    As is well known I was no supporter of Alliance’s decision in 2001, and indeed I find some of the smugness on all sides surrounding it to this day childish and unnecessary.

    However, that does not remotely equate to what appears to have happened with these leaflets.

    In ’01, Alliance was open about what it was doing and did so within the rules. Agree with it or disagree with it, there was no deceit – every decision was made in the open.

    The leaflets are a whole different ball game – they contain lies, they are deceptive concerning who is behind them, they deliberately mislead. An utterly different thing.