What about Gerry Adams’ statement about the IRA?

Levitas asked: Does the statement from Gerry Adams concerning the future of the IRA represent a positive development which has the potential to break the current logjam?

Brian Feeney said that the logjam will only be well and truly broken when the Sinn Fein representative on the NI Policing Board is the IRA Adjutant General – because one set of cops can’t be chasing the other.Alex – Felt swapping statements between the IRA and Sinn Fein is ventroliquists’ act. “I’m offended, as someone who supported the project. I actually believed SF and IRA were serious. It does offend me when Adams gets up and says he’s talking to the IRA.”

Dan McGinn – Reaction to the statement has shown a general weariness – right from the off – once he made the statement the reaction was, ‘just get on with it’.

Chris – Timing is election-based, but the statement itself is a product of what happened before with the Irish government – pressure applied from Bertie Ahern directly is what led to it . The result will be a shoring up of the “vote for peace” for SF. But Bertie Ahern said criminality is the acid test.

Brian – The timing is important. It was held back until the election – they are trying to stand down the IRA – they had plans drawn up – they were going to stand them down – what they hadn’t agreed (I go to Bertie Ahern for this) is how to wind up what the Irish govt calls criminality – or if you prefer, revolutionary expropriations.

There were last year difficulties in Dublin docks – which the Army Council didn’t authorize. They just handed some of the money in – they still haven’t agreed to do it – I’m not sure they know how to do it.

The reaction will depend on how well they do in the election. Then they’ll issue a statement, in July probably. Once they’ve done that then we’ll know whether they’re prepared to go into negotiations, the prob is if a group guys in South Armagh pull off something, we have to wait a year til the IRA get a clean sheet because the DUP cannot go into negotiations.

“They’ll have to wait a year to get a clean sheet. They only way you’ll know the IRA has stood down is when Sinn Fein is on the policing board and it’s the adjutant general”.