Sinn Fein and DUP united on Europe

Going back a week or two, John O’Farrell wrote this run down of the political parties and their stances on Europe. The similarties are greatest between what many suppose are the most inveterate enemies in Northern Ireland politics.

The DUP’s stance on the euro and the EU Constitutional Treaty (and, indeed, membership of the EU) was expressed by their MEP Jim Allister last January:

“It is not, nor is it an end in itself, rather for the Euro fanatics who drive the project the constitution is but a start towards the ultimate subjugation of all national powers. The question for each nation is whether they are prepared to go down that road. The choice is between a Europe of co-operating sovereign nation states or a Europe that is itself a superstate.”

SF passed a motion at their recent ard fheis pledging them to campaign
against the Constitutional Treaty. Their Dublin MEP, Mary Lou McDonald, told the ard fheis:

“Make no mistake, the EU Constitution will provide for the single biggest advance towards the creation of a European super-state since the beginnings of the European project. It will lay the legal foundations for a federal Europe and deepen the divide between citizens and those who hold power.”