Radio still beats the net…

It was a bit of a struggle out bed this morning after the night before. First stop, Good Morning Ulster. Seamus McKee picked up many of the threads from last night’s debate so deftly thrown on to Slugger by Richard. It’s strange. Most of the time I post stuff on Slugger, people around me rarely ask about what’s up there, or why I said this or that. This morning within twenty minutes I met two senior politicians, who quizzed me (gently) about the interview. However powerful the net may become, it still doesn’t have the reach the power or the immediacy of radio.

  • Davros

    Is this not also a reflection on how out of touch politicians are Mick ?

  • Alan

    Streaming audio and video must be one way forward for the web to gain that elusive immediacy. Mind you, imagine trying to delete expletives or otherwise mediate that.

    Also, how many of us don’t sit in front of the computer with the radio on? We need more good journalism on the radio, rather than cutting back as the BBC seem intent on doing. Radio 4 has some exceptional documentaries aired during prime time. It is time that we introduced that to Radio Ulster and cut half an hour of the grim afternoon scheduling.