McGimpsey ahead in South Belfast?

From the UUP Press Office this evening: “Canvass returns undertaken by the Party point to a clear Unionist lead for Mr McGimpsey. But according to the raw data the SDLP are also close behind him due to a split Unionist vote. The news from the ground in South Belfast confirms the findings of the NIO’s private poll, which has also indicated a strong lead for McGimpsey ahead of the DUP”. That’s a bit different from what we’ve been getting from the bookies, who have him in third place at 6/1. Is now the time to grab those odds? (or check out Betfair to set your own odds)

214 thoughts on “McGimpsey ahead in South Belfast?”

  1. FYU:

    You need to spend more time at school on your grammar and spelling.

    You and your candidate are beginning to look rather desperate.

    If Arlene beats Tom, should she get a free run next time?

  2. The obvious answer to that is yes but then a lot can happen in four years, Arlene might begin to annoy the people who will vote for her this election and they could then see what she is really like and then put their support in the UUP again. Its impossible to say, we will see what the circumstances are in 2009.

  3. Actually, Arlene should be an even more attractive candidate in 2009.

    This thread, believe it or not, is on South Belfast, which Arlene could have had if she had wanted.

    It is to her credit that she has stuck to F&ST and I am sure she will succeed.

  4. I do not know this Thomas guy you are refering to, I can’t give you any more information on the person I was talking to other than their son canvassed for Cooper in the last election. You seem to have conceeded the fact that Arlene is going to beat Tom in this election and your attacks are becoming a little sad Mr Ovens.

    I suppose it aint good for you to know that your relatives are backing Arlene.

  5. Correction it was 53 votes and then take away the illegal votes the UU were tantalizing close to a victory and that was with another Unionist candidate. Your not Thomas Hogg are you? for you always seem to comment when Thomas comments.

    If i probably know who you are then why cant you just give a name? Oh yea i thought about it, I would say that the Kerr’s do not want their private views publicised on the internet!

    This suppose-it person you were talking to tonight any chance off a bit more detail? Are you sure it just wasn’t Arlene wearing a mask for you know Arlene does have a reputation for being two-faced!

  6. The Hawk,
    Do you really think that the unionists in S.B would really want her, they would know what trouble she caused throughout her years in the UUP and then what does Arlene know anout S.B? Surley the DUP would have chosen a candidate which isnt the other side of the country.

    Its getting to the point now that its not worth replying to you, you keep running away from the point and dont worry next time im speaking to the Kerr’s I will ask them and then I will tell them where I heard it from.

  7. FYU:

    For your information the UUP in South Belfast chose a candidate who lives in Newtownards, quite some distance from the constituency.

  8. I doubt if you could find a party where that doesn’t happen! Certainly the DUP can’t attack on this issue.

  9. If I have got it right (maybe someone was posting in his name), has FYU posted to the effect that Arlene must be kicking herself that she did not stay in the UUP as she would be the UUP candidate. Is that not an admission that she would be chosen over TE and would therefore be considered by the UUP the better candidate?

  10. The Hawk,
    Still Newtonards would be considered relatively close compared to Lisnaskea.

    You’ve got it right; I honestly believe that she would have been selected as the uup candidate for two reasons.
    1. She came within a dozen votes from being selected last time, doesn’t mean I would see her as the better candidate, remember its also about party as well as personality.
    2. She might have been the only ‘suitable’ candidate in the eyes of the DUP not to go and do something unbelievably selfish like going and backing an independent.

  11. Michael represents South Belfast on the council and has done for 12 years, if he had been on Ards council and was seeking election to South Belfast as M.P., or seeking the westminster vote in Strangford while still sitting on Belfast council that would be inexcusable. Only one party tries to have members representing different constituencies – the DUPes. Maybe its the lack of suitable candidates, I don’t know, but I do know they wont be getting my vote on Thursday. Ulster Unionists are the only option for pro-union people, irrespesctive of class, colour, religion – even sexuality 😉

  12. Just a question for the psephologists amongst us, if as now seems likely that all thre McGimpseys lose on Thursday, will they be the first family to suffer three election defeats in a single UK general election?

  13. Just making a final plea before voting tomorrow to vote for the DUP right across Northern Ireland to prevent Sinn Fein Ira being returned as the largest party.

  14. Well Mcgimpsey and the UUP gave this seat to the SDLP however I do not believe the SDLP will hold it long and I feel the DUP will win next time.

    Micy mouse said he will be returning next time, will he never learn.

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