“Let’s see the colour of the Provos’ money”

First ripple of laughter as Dan McGinn of the PA characterised the attitude of many toward the peace process at the moment, as he set out the broad themes of the election.

McGinn suggests that the stakes couldn’t be higher in the contests of the Foyle and Upper Bann seats.

The voters of Foyle, “the cockpit of nationalism”, will dictate the future of nationalism for the next few years, according to McGinn.McGinn also highlights the “helluva battle” that David Trimble and the UUP face in Upper Bann, which will hinge on Bannbridge.

Post election, the issues of voluntary coalition, talks, Trimble’s leadership, and the prospect of Fianna Fail North will eagerly await.

UPDATE: Brian Feeney of the Irish News straignt out the box disagrees with Dan McGinn’s analysis about Foyle. He doesn’t think it will affect the struggle between the SDLP and Sinn Fein. “The struggle’s over and it’s been won by Sinn Fein”.