Building bridges the slow way…

Seamus Mallon’s fears that Northern Irish society may Balkanise if voters slide towards Sinn Fein and the DUP has found an echo amongst moderates on both sides here. But in one small part of North Belfast there’s a new self build housing scheme that could see a softening in the harsh sectarian boundaries there.

  • Gonzo

    Some might say that the SDLP are partly to blame for some of that Balkanisation…

  • Alan McDonald


    How are the SDLP to blame in the context of the Habitat for Humanity article?

  • Gonzo

    I wasn’t talking about the HfH development. I was talking about the SDLP’s contribution to the Balkanisation of NI, through the party’s insistence on hindering integration.

  • NewYorker

    Dear Mick,

    An excellent and encouraging article. I hope visitors to your blog read it. Thanks for posting it. Habitat does great work all around the world.

  • Jacko

    Well that’s all the problems Seamus pointed to sorted then by a couple of houses being built in North Belfast.
    Excellent linkage of two issues of equal import.
    Thanks for pointing that out Mick, I’ll sleep easier tonight.

  • Gonzo


    Everything has to start somewhere…

  • Jacko

    I am delighted by initiatives of this kind, but come on, this sort of thing has been happening for decades and hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to the overall situation.
    To try and argue that it might and to link it with the well-founded concerns expressed by Seamus Mallon is tantamount to arguing that a water pistol might put out a forest fire.
    Ridiculous, in other words.