Banbridge: the crucial battlefield

The DUP are concentrating their Upper Bann battle on Banbridge, Co Down, the Trimble heartland. Of 25,000 leaflets they distributed pre-election a large majority were targetted on the town. They believe if they can only just edge ahead there then the UUP leader, who signed up to the historic (in whichever sense of the word you prefer) Belfast Agreement, will lose his seat. We hope to bring you several reports from both sides of this fascinating battle in the constituency tomorrow.

  • Young Fogey

    DUP Poem in Upper Bann

    On Banbridge field, greenhouses grow,
    Between the houses row on row,
    With pebbledash; and on the streets
    Dave T, still lamely leading, knocks
    On doors although he hates it so.

    We are the DUP. Short years ago
    We looked dead beat, from saying No,
    But now we’re up, and set to win
    In Banbridge field.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe;
    You only won cause Taigs, you know,
    Voted tactically. So now,
    We’ll start our Projeckt Lebensraum
    We shall not sleep till Simpson crows
    O’er Banbridge field.

  • GavBelfast

    In many ways, was Trimble not even more vulnerable in 2001?

    The Assembly was still sitting, even if he had said he would resign on 1 July if things weren’t done to his liking.

    Whereas, now, his policy and that of his party is at least as hardline as the DUP’s in relation to allowing the RM into office.

    Of course, Alliance are standing this time (though is their core support evenin four figures here?) and maybe the DUP being on a roll will attract “winners”, but he is a bit of a survivor, it has to be said.

    I’ve gone off him, too, but just about hope he pulls it off – the thought of seeing another smug DUP acceptance speech, with or without the gospel invoked, repulses me, as does the thought of those who assaulted him and and his wife being on the winning side.

  • bannside

    25,000 leaflets in Banbridge – Sorry not so. Banbridge got the same canvass as everywhere elese, plus a pre-election leaflet drop along with everywhere elese. plus council literature which included some westminster stuff, plus a postal communication same as everywhere else.

    What it DID get that it hadn’t got before was soem good constituency work from DS – a new fangled idea that escsped the mind of Davey T. Banbrdige like the idea and is asking for more of the same. Simpson WILL win and by 4 figures.