"Travel Narrows the Mind"

Brian Feeney responds to Davros’ question —

[with the] increasing ease of communication and travel, the arrival of the EU, and changes in the structure of Capitalism have rendered parochial political philosophies such as Nationalism and Unionism redundant?

— with the above quote from Cicero.

  • Davros

    Nice One Brian Feeney !

  • spirit-level

    How can travel narrow the mind?

  • Alan McDonald


    Have you ever met a travel from the USA? When we go abroad, we Americans return home even more narrow minded.

  • spirit-level

    Alan that’s because you all want to write auto-biograhies and when you visit an airport in a country, you think you’ve “done” that country 🙂

  • Alan McDonald

    Ah, Shannon, how lovely was her duty free.

  • peter

    Why does it make them redundant?.This does not make sense. If that were the case there would be no national football teams, national airlines etc. Being a German is not the same as being British.

    The EU has bee around since the 1950s ,so get a grip Brian.