That's a Wrap

Thanks to all those at home and here in Belfast who made tonight’s Slugger Goes Live a success. We hope you enjoyed it.

Back in the lobby behind me there is wine being consumed that is calling me, and the chance to put some names with faces — the very pregnant Broom of Anger and the very neatly pressed Balrog gang are here, to name just two.

We managed to record the first 70 minutes or so of the session and hope to host some of the audio for your delectation later on. But Mick’ll get back to you with details, and some lovely snaps.

But for now, from the Institute of Governance here at Queens University Belfast, I’m Richard Delevan for Slugger O’Toole.
We’ll be back in our old, non-superhero form on sicNotes tomorrow.

From all of us here in Belfast, good night.

  • peteb

    Well done, Richard. Excellent job.

  • DCB

    Well done indeed, here’s from Johannesberg

    And didn’t Liverpool do well tonight. I’m sure if the ref hadn’t got some oil gotten gains and booked Alonso that things could be different

  • irreverent young twit

    Sometimes elections are interesting for parties that do not stand.

    Effectively bowing out this time are the following:

    Women’s Coalition