Same old, same old

I do love the DUP website. I have today been looking at their lovely cartoon section and I have a question. Anyone see any new ones? As far as I can see its just the same recycled message from 2-4 years ago! Granted they appear to have comissioned ONE new offering this time around, however the message, which I read as “we’re bad, but we think the other lot are worse”, is no different.

  • fair_deal

    Why do the words ‘barrel’ ‘bottom’ and ‘scraping’ spring after reading the intro to this thread?

  • David Cather

    Well that’s it dammit, I’m not voting DUP because their cartoons are either old or crap….. It’s good to see you understand what the voters really care about Michael.

  • Chris Gaskin

    And welcome the monk to slugger

  • Traditional Unionist

    You people are so shallow! Never anything but face value with you, think about what hes saying, DUP message hasn’t changed, on the one hand their “leadership is working” but everything is still the UUPs fault!

  • David Cather

    I thought I was Smithers?

  • The Watchman

    The message from all these cartoons is still valid. And it is only the buffoons in the UUP bunker who don’t realise it.

  • Chris Gaskin

    I think the monk is more appropriate but now that you talk to republicans perhaps it isn’t 😉

  • Traditional Unionist

    Two years down the line? Don’t think so laughing boy.

  • Alan2

    Put it another way. My email inbox is full of DUP emails. I have yet to receive a single email from the UUP after signing up to there newsletter ages ago (and i subscribed with another email address after that just in case).
    Slow. Out of touch.

  • yerman

    I’m glad they put old ones up to see again.

    The one with Trimble saying “Tonight Matthew I’m going to be a unionist” always makes me laugh like a drain!!

    Have a laugh too!

  • Alan2

    Mr Trimble recently: “I have to say that the strategy adopted by the DUP of trying to focus on totals of votes rather than totals of seats is essentially bogus and for a Westminster election is intellectually dishonest – what matters is seats.”

    Why then are the UUP fielding a candidate in Mid-Ulster (Billy Armstrong)when SF get over 50% of the vote and the UUP did not previously field candidates there?

  • beano;

    Alan how long ago is ages? I signed up around the start of March and have had about half a dozen – don’t think I’ve had much recently (since the election was actually called) though.

  • John O’Doherty

    I have to admit i think they are very funny!!

    Lets hope they make some new ones to get us through the next week

  • yerman

    We all know why David Trimble doesn’t want to focus on vote totals – because he’s going to lose badly on that count – mind you, he’s going to lose on the seat count too.

    However, claming that the overall vote total doesnt count is his attempt to justify asking unionist voters to vote for nationalist candidates in seats like Foyle, South Down, West Tyrone etc.

    He obviously has no problems boosting the overall nationalist vote count!

  • Mid-Ulsterman

    To Alan2- Wind your neck in lad

    The addition of Billy Armstrong within the Mid-Ulster Westminster race is ‘refreshing’. Unlike some Billy isn’t a ‘blow-in’ and what’s more he doesn’t ‘desert’ the Mid-Ulster people. The DUP have no justification to claim Mid-Ulster as ‘theirs’. Unlike others, Armstrong knows where this Country’s come from and where he wants it to go. Instead of playing on the ’emotions of people’ he provides ‘leadership’. For this reason the man is respected across the political divide, something no-one in political office within Mid-Ulster bearing the surname ‘McCrea’ can say to date.

    With Armstrong, what you see is what you get, he’s your everyday 5-8, he’s ‘genuine’, hardworking and committed to the Mid-Ulster people. I challenge people to produce a single shred of evidence to the contrary.

    And all this coming from someone who neither votes UUP nor DUP.

  • spirit-level

    Now that many shades of unionism are gathered here today. I should like to ask this question of you:
    Whilst understanding your reluctance to sit down in government with SF, why can’t you bring yourselves to go into face to face talks with them?
    I mean you appear on TV/Radio Programmes together.. sit on councils..take the same planes to London I hear.
    I cannot understand this?
    What’s going on?

  • Alan2

    Mid-Ulsterman – ead my post again. I wan`t having a go at Billy Armstrong. I was questioning Trimbles logic in accusing the DUP of playing the numbers game. What is Billy Armstrong doing standing when he did not do so before if it is not the numbers game?

    Secondly McCrea was raised just up the road from Billy Armstrong and his son who is standing lives in Coagh. Hardly “blow ins”

  • Alan2

    “he doesn’t ‘desert’ the Mid-Ulster people.”

    How can he desert if he hasnt stood before?
    I think you will find McCrea lives in Magherafelt his wife is a councillor there, his son is on Cookstown council and he is standing in South Antrim which is 15 minutes up the road.

  • maca

    I’m really beginning to think that all there is to unionism is having a go at other unionists.

    I’m sorry to say I can’t even laugh at it anymore, it’s just so boring, i’ll have to stop reading anything from unionists before my brain melts.

  • spirit-level

    yo maca
    Maybe its because their leaders are singing variations of “No nay never, no nay never no more”..
    I actually feel sorry for them, because there’s too many smart young unionists around who want to do a deal..
    They’ve the safe-guard of the referendum on the consitutional status of Ulster.. and would dearly like to have a devolved assembly up and running and be engaged in real-politics.
    They know there’s crime on both sides, and GA is transforming SF from caterpillar to Butterfly, and they bluddy well want a piece of the action.
    So would I if I was Ulster born’n’bred.
    Its Dr.NO’s hypnosis…. strangling the life blood out of them.

  • Alan2

    SF’s Molloy applauds DUP as manifesto unveiled

    By Noel McAdam

    25 April 2005
    A senior Sinn Fein politician today praised the work of the DUP on Northern Ireland’s joint councils’ pressure body.

    Francie Molloy, president of the NI Local Government Association, said the work of his DUP colleagues “augured well” for the future of local government.

    Launching Sinn Fein’s local government manifesto in Belfast, he said: “We have had a very good working relationship with all the parties, including the DUP, including the rotation of the Presidency.”

    The party is fielding 182 candidates across 24 councils, almost a third of them women and 78 standing for the first time.

    Asked on which councils Sinn Fein was best poised to make gains, party president Gerry Adams quipped: “Everywhere.”

    But he predicted an overall increase in the party’s current total of 108 councillors and said the aim was to have representation eventually in every council in Ireland.

    With the party urging greater powers for the ‘six county’ councils on community planning, health, education and roads, Mr Adams said the party was totally opposed to quangoes.

    The recent education cuts were only possible because the area boards had a majority of people on them directly appointed by the Direct Rule Ministers.

    Former Belfast Lord Mayor Alex Maskey said the party had not been “distracted” by the issue which has so far dominated the review of public administration – the reduction of local councils.

    Rather than cutting the current 26 councils to 15, 11 or seven – the three models under consideration – Sinn Fein called for councils to have the same boundaries as other public bodies including health boards.

    The face of local government has been transformed in the 22 years since Sinn Fein councillors were first elected to local authorities in the north, Mr Maskey argued.

    Mr Adams said: “People know we have made a real difference in some of these councils.”

  • maca

    I’m sure there are many smart unionists, there’s no doubt there, but you wouldn’t think it to look at the parties. Very simply both the DUP and UUP are complete jokes. I mean just look at the websites, all they are about is whinging and moaning at others. Take the cartoons, as mentioned earlier, as an example. What kind of party has to make cartoons insulting other parties as part of it’s campaign?
    Even look at the DUP’s page “What we stand for”, it starts with an attack on the UUP. Is that all the DUP stand for? Gobshites all.

  • spirit-level

    maca of course, its a complete disgrace; but whoah a minute its the leaders isn’t it.
    If we’re to persuade the young unionists to come and get on board , get on the train, get into the zone, make things work.. we must get them to get angry at their leaders , demand change energise the situation.
    Here’s a polemic:
    When Dr.No pegs it, I would be interested in a opinion poll amongst unionists as to how many are actually relieved he’s gone. I’d bet it’d be 50%+ , the old fox ain’t protecting them at all, he’s selling them out to a NO FUTURE, NO LIFE, NO HOPE , it’s COFFIN SHIP the DUP.
    What do you think?

  • beano @ StadiumForBelfast

    While I wouldn’t wish death on anyone (ok well most people), I will definitely be relieved when Paisly is no longer leader of a Unionist political party, and definitely when he is no longer leader of Unionism.

  • spirit-level

    bless you beano that 1 – 0 so far 😉

  • vote for me

    If we really want to get into total votes, why doesnt the DUP seem concerned that the number of votes it receives means it only speak for around 30% of the protestant/unionist population of NI, many of which will not vote again in this election

  • maca

    “If we’re to persuade…”

    As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, “what’s this ‘we’ business paleface?” 😉

    “I’d bet it’d be 50%+”

    I’m sure they will be quite a few who won’t be too bothered when the old goat croaks it. Me for one (or two taking in to account Beanos vote).

  • Gonzo

    A quick word of congratulations to beano for being the first commentator in ages to spell ‘definitely’ correctly.

    I hope my blogging colleagues are reading…!

  • lorre

    ” I will definitely be relieved when Paisly is no longer leader of a Unionist political party, and definitely when he is no longer leader of Unionism.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Looking at those DUP cartoons just sums up the type of mentality Paisley has. His low type political chicanery regards his plot to divide Unionism & attack Trimble for signing the 1998 GFA when it is common knowledge 71% of the population agreed with The Overall Referrendum Result
    * 951,845 cast their votes, representing an unusually high 80.7% turnout.
    * 676,966 voted Yes (71.12%).
    * 274,879 voted No (28.88%).

    This reminds me of another deceitful control freak Irish yank called De Valera.who in his lust for power divided republicianism by stabbing Michael Collins in the back for signing another agreement, back in 1921.

    The only thing citizens of Northern Irelands have in their favour is Paisley’s age. He is near 80. As soon as he passes on to be judged by his maker many from both sides of the political & religious divide will be relieved.

  • beano;

    Thanks gonzo *blush*

    and lorre:
    “As soon as he [Paisley] passes on to be judged by his maker many from both sides of the political & religious divide will be relieved.”

    Actually I think it’ll be a sad day for SF when Paisley leaves politics – after all the man has done more to promote the Republican cause than 30 years of violence and killings ever could.

  • maca

    Too right Beano. This is also why unionists have always had a bad name down South because Mr. Paisley is Mr. Unionism. In some ways he’s a good unionist because he’ll scare us Southerners away, I mean, who would want to share a country with him, not me!

  • lorre

    ” after all the man has done more to promote the Republican cause than 30 years of violence and killings ever could.”

    Couldn’t agree more Beano, just like De Velera done more to promote the Orange Unionist cause in the so called black North for an earlier 30 years. Paisley & De Velera will go down in Irish political 20 century history as mirror images of each others megalomania.

  • Stalford

    No Beano, I think you’ll find that lilly-livered appeasers like David Trimble did more to promote the cause of republicanism that murder and maiming ever could. What they couldn’t achieve through thirty years of violence, the bold Mr. Trimble handed them on a plate.

  • Dessertspoon

    Lilly-Livered what does that actually mean never knew so I looked it up isn’t Google great!.

    He’s lilly livered is a saying used to describe a coward or weakling. The ancient Greeks used to sacrifice an animal before battle. The liver was regarded as a prime omen; if red then all was fine but if pale then this signified bad tidings. By extension the liver of a coward was thought to be pale and lily livered was one of the ways of describing this. Others were “white livered” and “pigeon livered”.

    Of all the things Trimble is a coward isn’t one however he has been weak but that wasn’t helped by both SF and members of his own party digging a hole beneath him everytime he tried to move things on. As has been said on Slugger before, history will judge Trimble much more kindly than Paisley of course people change. Like Robert McCartney for example..

    “DUP barrister Robert McCartney stated that “Paisley is a fascist who is more interested in an independent Ulster, a mini-Geneva run by a fifth-rate Calvin, than Union with Britain.”

    The above is from a very Nationalist/Republican website but still what it has to say on IP is hard for anyone but the most hardline Unionist to deny. And they still vote for him of course people voted for Hitler too. (I’m adding that because someone always brings it up.)

  • Stalford


    I invoke Godwin’s Law.

  • lorre

    Robert McCartney said “Paisley is a fascist who is more interested in an independent Ulster, a mini-Geneva run by a fifth-rate Calvin, than Union with Britain.”

    Great point Dessertspoon, Old Bob can hit the right button now and again. Maybe he forgets what he called Big Ian today as he changed his stand once again. Mr Stalford quip ‘I invoke Godwin’s Law’ means he is stumped, naive or far too young to remember all those De Velera type chicanery politico-religious stunts Paisley pulled over the past 40 years.