Is the Middle Class out playing golf?

Brian Feeney made a fascinating point – that with the rise of Sinn Fein and the DUP, Northern Ireland is likely the only polity in Western Europe whose two dominant parties are both rooted in the working class.

Sparked by a question from the floor, the panel returned to this with some passion.

Mick recalled a quip that middle class unionists went out to play golf in 1969 and never came back to politics. Has an apathy spread to the Nationalist community?

And could the middle class of both communities in fact be in effect colluding to put two parties in ascendance who will never deal with each other, ensuring direct rule in perpetuity?

  • Alan McDonald


  • spirit-level

    I agree alan. It was ever thus. The middle classes have sold-out , more interested in their golf handicap, holidays in the sun, and mowing the lawn.

  • spirit-level

    forgot to include gin and tonics, and polite conversation.. posh bast***s 😉

  • DCB

    So true and whats wrong with that. I honestly have much less problems with direct rule than I do with the Teliban DUP taking power with the quasi-fasicst SF. Honestly praise the lord that the provo bank robbers saved us from first minister Dr Paisley

    It may seem sad of the middle classes to do this but sure everyone laughed when they voted for the Aliance so what do you expect (mind you laughing at some of the recetn Alliance offerings is the only reasonable thing to do)

  • middle-class taig

    We’re not playing golf. We’re working hard, getting ahead and knocking on every door closed to our parents. We’re still voting, and we’re not going to be told who to vote for by Bertie or Tony or George. We’re not like our parents’ generation. We’re not taking no for an answer any more.

  • Occasional Commenter

    middle-class taig,
    I’ll drink to that.
    A glass of Perrier sparking for me please 🙂

  • middle-class taig


    Surely I can offer you something better than that? A decent malmsey Madeira perhaps…

  • Occasional Commenter

    middle-class taig, I don’t drink nowadays, but thanks. I’m disgusted at how the proles get on after a Saturday night!

  • McStick

    Of course the middle class are out playing golf, and drinking, and running many of the 80% plus of small businesses that make up the private sector in Northern Ireland that employ almost as many people as the public sector, and generate new opportunities, and take risks on investments, and often work long hours. But they are the middle class so lets give them a good kicking and blame them for not wanting to partake of a bit of paramilitarism, and knee drilling instead of a quick nine holes