Is Fianna Fail running scared – in the North?

Question from the floor inquired as to whether the panel thought that the recent visits of Dublin politicians to the North had been because Fianna Fail was hemmoraging to Sinn Fein in areas in the South.

Of course, that still wouldn’t explain the visit of, in Brian Feeney’s colourful words, “Mister 3 Percent with the Rottweiler studded collar”.

Will Fianna Fail take over the SDLP? Or hang their own shingle out in the North?

Chris relayed that Bertie Ahern is the most popular politician in the North, because he’s the only one with any cross-community support.

Brian Feeney thought it really didn’t matter whether the SDLP would be taken over, asking, ‘who will Fianna Fail run up here? Some deadbeat SDLP candidate? Who will stand against Sinn Fein?’

Alex added, “the more cynical side of me says it’s like a corporate raid – from a practical point of view it’s important that the SDLP are seen as serious players North and South – I agree with rest of panel that there’s a great air of cynicism about it. On May 7th, Durkan’s and McDonald’s phone calls [to Dublin] won’t be answered anymore.