Sinn Fein’s real reasons for not accepting police?

Alban Magennis argues that after 11 years of (imperfect) ceasefires, questions have to be raised over Sinn Fein’s geniune reasons for continuing to boycott the PSNI:

…seven years after parties committed to the Agreement, courageous families are denied justice, crime and paramilitary gangs rob and racketeer, and people joining a changing police service are demonised? Why do some cling to the lawless way, which is not our way? People are very clear. They had hoped that all this would be ended 11 years after ceasefires. Terrible murders, continuing organised crime, recent drug arrests, and millions laundered means it is far from ended. This has been a deep breach of faith.

He draws his own conclusions:

The real reason why the provisional movement does not accept the new policing structures is not any issue about Patten, but that a lawful Ireland threatens their moneymaking and control over the lives of citizen and community.

The party has produced its own progress report in year four of Chris Patten’s ten year plan.

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