"pseudo-republican claptrap"

Spotted in Gerry O’Sullivan’s penny jar, Sinn Féin’s communications spokesman, Seán Crowe, wants An Post to remove, or block up, over 1000 pre-1922 post boxes still in use in the Republic of Ireland because they retain “the insignia of another country”. A spokesman for An Post responds in this Sunday Life report – “They are part of our history. They were bequeathed to us as part of the postal services, and are part of our culture and heritage, and we have no plans to make changes on the basis of any pseudo-republican claptrap.” The spokesman suggests an interesting comparison – “You might as well say that the fine building that is the GPO, in O’Connell Street, that was opened in 1826 with its pillars and portico, should be demolished to make way for some modern republican building.” Ouch.

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  1. I wish I’d read this thread first. I obviously wasn’t the only one making the building analogy.

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