Hubble marks 15 years (and one day)

One for the science geeks.. I know you’re out there. Yesterday marked the the 15th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope – the original estimate of its full operational life-span. Spectacular images from the telescope were released to commemorate the occasion including an astonishingly beautiful image of the Eagle Nebula in a variety of file formats and sizes.

As well as the Eagle Nebula image, the Hubble team released this wonderfully organic image of the Whirlpool Galaxy – M51 – again in a variety of file formats and sizes.

It’s not all good news for Hubble though, as this BBC report makes clear. Maintenance work on the orbiting telescope, originally scheduled for 2006, was cancelled earlier this year… and that means that there is, probably, only a couple of years left for Hubble. [scroll down for FAQs and links to further reports]