Can online journalism pay its way?

The Economist follows up on Rupert Murdoch’s riff on the need for news to get with the online revolution with the most apposite question: but will it pay to get into the online conversation?

  • Two Nations

    Ever thought of making a podcast Mick?

    You could chair a debate (clash) of say the Brewster, Davros, Pat, Beano or any of the other regulars. Unionism vs nationalism or unionism vs unionism or even an election special.

  • spirit-level

    Two Nations
    I’d like to be on hand to offer medical advice 🙂

  • Mick

    Well I’m going to try capturing tomorrow’s debate on video. How would that transfer across to podcast? Advise by email?

  • spirit-level

    The bit I picked up on in the article was: bloggers “thrive on debunking, contradicting or analysing stories that originate in the old media.” …. true, but is that a limitation, in the sense that bloggers can only go on what’s being reported
    He added:”there is nothing to suggest that bloggers cannot also do original reporting.”
    I don’t really see how this can work from the privacy of one’s own PC/Mac.
    Are we not still going to need people “out there” in the field as it were?