Racist organisation pulling in Irish musicians

A large racist grouping in the US is targeting Irish musicians and dancers for cultural events it’s holding across the country, having recently decided that Celtic cultures now fall within their particular Pale. Apparently one Irish band was booked and turned up but were too afraid not to perform after they discovered the truth about the organisers.

  • pakman

    I thought Molly’s Revenge had a broader view of their music than simply being an “Irish Band”. They specialise in the music of “Ireland, Scotland and England” and describe themselves as a “Celtic Music Band”.

  • Mick

    I stand corrected.

  • Gum

    This is a very worrying story – WE ALL have to put the constitutional question aside to ensure that our Irish and Scottish cultures are not used to spread the kind of hate that these groups preach. By doing nothing we are implicit in causing the evil that is the fruit of far-right campaigns. Come on guys!

  • sean west

    Exactly gum.None of us should be taken in by these
    morons.They are the sort of idiots that attack
    Filipno nurses and Polish meat workers.
    They are the lowest of the low.

  • Grofatz

    Those baby blankets sound very tasteful…

    Can I have one with Benedict XIV on it?

  • barney

    “Can I have one with Benedict XIV on it?”

    That’s sooo 16th century.

  • mucher

    I think it could have something to do with “Molly’s Revenge” symbol on their website. Have a look.

  • GavBelfast

    Maybe the mono-cultural feel to some Irish and Ulster-Scots music, dancing, etc, is perceived by some to lend itself to being used by exclusivist groups.

  • cladycowboy


    Not sure about that. Most traditional music doesn’t sound ‘multi-cultural’. Why don’t they choose German folk bands, a more appropriate source of pride in their Neo-Nazism?
    Maybe its just because they assume the performers will be white, they may just like the music or it reminds them of the music played by their grandpa in their Tennessee mountain cabin

  • Davros

    There are plenty of Irish Americans to the right of Genghis Khan who see no contradiction in supporting Irish Republicanism and at the same time supporting G W Bush and Israel. There’s another target audience CC.

  • harry

    There are also many right wing Americans who support the British/American slaughter of innocents in Iraq.

  • cladycowboy

    So you’re suggesting that the use of Irish bands at these events is to lure right-wing Irish-Americans into their fold?

    Possible i guess. The duplicity with which these bands are booked would suggest that they are indeed trying to lure I-A’s and so are not part of their core following.
    I’d say that those I-A’s who are anti-republican would have more empathy with the supremacist WASP jargon.
    If not, then its down to the Americanisation of those Irish souls 😉

  • GavBelfast

    Can I make it clear that (for what little it matters) I, PERSONALLY, don’t think Irish or Scottish (or Ulster-Scots!) music/dance/entertainment, etc, should been seen in such a way.

    But I can see how it could be seen as a bit (and I’m sorry for the phrase) “redneck”.

  • CavanMan

    This is hilarious,These Nazi scum are the same people who throughout the 20th century were as anti-irish as their british ”cousins” The National Front and C18 are today, it shows how desperate they are for members when they now need to kiss the Irish-Americans ass.

  • Alan McDonald

    I weigh in here with a great deal of hesitancy, but, as an American, I feel I need to add some perspective. My son is an Irish dancer, and we have attended a good many performances and competitions. It is certainly true that the dancers and the audience members are almost exclusively white (99.95% by my estimate). The failure to attract African Americans to this kind of performance is about the only reason I can think of for neo-Nazis to proseletize there.

    Irish Americans are no more racist than any other Americans.

  • hoots



    I think that’s a little unfair

  • Biffo

    Maybe this is progress. The Irish have moved up the ladder they were at the bottom of in the 19th century and are now fully fledged members of the master-race.

    I think it was the celtic tiger that did it.

    Springtime for Hitler and Riverdance…

  • Concerned Loyalist

    You said,
    “British/American slaughter of innocents in Iraq”.

    Do I take it from that statement that you think Saddam Hussein and his Ba’athist henchmen are “innocents”?

    As for the bit about “right-wing Americans” supporting the war on Iraq. Is the left-wing appeasement of Saddam Hussein so very different from the misguided appeasement of Hitler and the Nazis by Chamberlain?

    Hence why Charles Kennedy, the Lib Dem Leader, has been known as the nickname “Charlie Chamberlain”!

    I would rather be known as a right-wing liberator than a left-wing appeaser!

  • Biffo


    the organisation in question here is against the war in Iraq seeing as it is part of an international Jewish conspiracy.

    So, Charles Kennedy is actually a neo-Nazi (and possibly a kilt wearing cultural role model for Americans)

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I’m not wholly conversant or sympathetic with White Nationalism and it’s policies, and would be a fervent supporter of flying Israeli flags in loyalist areas to show solidarity with another people under siege. White nationalist groups who were once sympathetic to the Loyalist cause, like Combat-18 for example, abhorr this support for a Jewish state, whereas I don’t have a problem with their religion whatsoever!

    How does the liberation of Iraq equate to being a wider conspiracy by the Jewish community anyway?

    And who is the “racist” organisation in question anyway? The “Ku Klux Klan”, “Storm Front”…who?

  • Alan McDonald


    The article linked above says it is:

    A group called the National Alliance.

    The group’s web page is here.

    White supremacist groups in the USA, which represent a very small percentage of the population, generally espouse the theory that evil Jews control everything (banking, media, etc.) and must be excluded, along with “other non-whites,” from a new, ethnically cleansed Amnerica.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Alan McD,
    So in otherwards in the same way the Nazis believed, and led people to believe, that Jews were in control of big business and the banks in Germany, and were to blame for the recession of the German economy and the general poor quality of life in the country. Am I on the right track?

    I don’t see how the “National Alliance” can logically equate that to the United States, although in fairness I suppose you couldn’t call their supporters logical, right-thinking people in the first place, if they believe in White Supremacy!

  • Alan McDonald


    There appears to be nothing new or American about this movement. I would identify it as essentially European in origin.

    I lived in Detroit during the riots of 1967. Some of my friends were justifiably ashamed of white rascism in the USA, but they failed to recognize that it had roots in Europe. The upsurge in neo-Nazi parties in Europe in the decades since has proven my point.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Alan McD,
    I am not sure how long you have lived in our “Wee Spot in Europe”, but news coverage here would in occasions infer that racism and racist attacks are a cancer spread by “loyalists”.

    This is not true as members of the nationalist/republican community are equally guilty of such bigotry, with attacks in Lurgan, Londonderry and West Belfast just three occasions that spring to mind!

    Another thing I must add is this. It is a fundamental contradiction to call yourself a Loyalist, saying you are loyal to the British crown, and then to support racist ideologies like Nazism, when we, the British people of Ulster fought and died in the Second World War to halt the scourge of the awful disease of Nazism!

    Basically you can’t on one hand support Britain and what it stands for, but on the other hand support racism and White Supremacy!

  • Alan McDonald


    I was having difficulty interpreting your responses to my comments, but I think I have a better understanding after reading your posts on other threads.

    First of all, I live in the USA and only follow events in Northern Ireland from a distance. I was not aware that racism was associated with loyalism in your country. Personally, I do not think that any particular political, religious or even racial group has the corner on racism. It seems to be a general failing that we must all fight against.

  • Biffo


    “Basically you can’t on one hand support Britain and what it stands for, but on the other hand support racism and White Supremacy!”

    Why not? Loads of people do.

    Britain built an empire based on racism and white supremacy.

  • Millie

    ‘Basically you can’t on one hand support Britain and what it stands for, but on the other hand support racism and White Supremacy!’

    CL, Britain built an entire empire based precisely on those twin pillars, and it was in existence right up till 1945. Oh, and plundering other people’s wealth and natural resources. The Nazis? They were bloody amateurs!

  • Alan McDonald


    As an outside observer, I want to thank you for reminding me that no issue can be discussed in Northern Ireland without eliciting the old zero-sum point scoring. Good luck to you and CL in sorting this out in your lifetime.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Alan McD,
    Now you know what we’re up against in Norn Iron! One side attacks and the other defends.

    Nationalists/republicans always dredge up the past about Britain’s colonial rule. This is complete and utter hypocrisy when they would wish us, the 1 million Protestant, British people of Northern Ireland to be similarly ruled from Dublin in a 32 county sovereign Irish Republic.


  • Biffo


    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was only the past that I could dredge up

    But of course it’s the present as well.

    Just how many innocent men women and children have you Brits killed in your attempts to set up a Devolved Assembly in Iraq?

  • john

    Not Funny. A.U.