Kennedy to brief Dail politicians on beatings

After a quiet first week, the Kennedy campaign in Gerry Adams’ West Belfast constituency seems to be limbering up. On Wednesday, he’s going to the Oireachtas to meet with party leaders in the Republic, and, Slugger understands, will present them with a dossier of punishment beatings and shootings. He’ll be accompanied by Michael Gallagher of the Omagh victims group.

  • Mark McGregor

    Who? Any link to this guy? I think I’ve missed a clipping.

  • Davros
  • aquifer

    Great that Liam Kennedy campaigns for these victims who often don’t even have a vote. Hard to see the parties doing that.

  • Cianoc

    Note the ‘Andersonstown News’ hypes up stories such as ‘Thugs beat up old lady, strangle dog with its own lead’ style stories, leading to moral outrage, but never relates what happens to the thugs…

  • Dec

    Yeah, poor thugs.

  • Aaron

    Forgive me if this is a really stupid question. But have SF had a manifesto launch yet? Are they doing one (and when is it), or is that not the way they do things..

  • middle-class taig

    as no-one took it up last time

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Prof can once again reach the dizzying heights of his resounding 1997 endorsement by the electorate of West Belfast (102 votes, comfortably ahead of the Natural Law Party candidate on 91).

    Interesting also that he chooses West Belfast again. I understood that there were more punishment beatings in other areas of Belfast nowadays, and in some outlying areas. Anyone got any recent (independent preferably) figures? Prof Kennedy, who might equally stand in North, South or East Belfast, East Antrim, North Down or Lagan Valley, might wish to consider whether having already impliedly labelled West Belfast a centre for punishment beatings (and having been told to yo-ho by its voters), he might like to turn his finely tuned microscope on other places where these crimes are in fact more common nowadays?

    It would be tragic if the Prof’s choice of constituency left him open to the criticism that his candidature is a craven attempt to damage Gerry Adams.

    Does the good Professor live in West Belfast?