IRA decision dependent on consultations

Paul Colgan reckons the latest timing for the beginning of choreography will be a statement from the IRA in July. According to Colgan, “the organisation is carrying out an unprecedented process of consultation with rank and file IRA members”.

An unnamed Republican source told him:

The problem in the past was that the leadership took initiatives that did not involve the membership. In many cases, volunteers were not consulted and were only made aware of decisions after they had happened. This needs to be done properly – we don’t want a rump of people being left behind. There will be no photographs. If the DUP doesn’t like it, then so what?

  • Dessertspoon

    Speaking as a humble voter and member of the general public – Two clergymen and the General with a fairly comprehensive report on what was done (I don’t need technical details I wouldn’t understand them anyway) is more than enough for me. I could mock up a million photos – photos really prove nothing. If the IRA do what is suggested and the DUP still refuse to budge then we will have seen them for waht they are. In that case I would expect fresh Assembly Elections and hopefully my fellow members of the General Public would walk away from the DUP we can at last get on with things!!!!!!!

  • Occasional Commenter

    Dessertspoon, I want to know what “decommission” means. De Chastelain has simply said that the weapons can’t be used without his knowledge.

    I don’t think anything has or will be decommissioned – instead, a device has been (will be) attached to the arms so that the General will get a text message if they’re used.

  • Dessertspoon

    WHAT??? That all sounds a bit ridiculous to me. How would that even work? Why must people be so obstructionist in this country, every time one barrier is removed you immediately start building a new one.

    For those of you without a dictionary. To decommission means to take out of service by such means that items decommissioned are not in use or working condition. Doesn’t mention anything about pagers or text devices!

  • George

    Standing down and burying the weapons would fit in very neatly with the history of militant Irish republicanism.

    At last it appears the IRA is finally realising it has to do a deal with the Irish people on winding up not with unionism.

    This type of act would clear the way for Sinn Fein to fully engage in politics south of the border regardless of what the DUP say or do.

    I see the DUP have already said in their manifesto that they want a decontamination period for Republicans on the policing Board because they know what’s coming.

    IRA Statement in high summer when tensions are high – unionism reacts with fury as SF begin to look at how they can take their places on the policing board.

    Or what is the DUP or UUP going to do to stop it?

    Get the Assembly up and running? They’d want to hurry because the Dail elections are likely in 2006 and everything could have changed, changed utterly by then.

  • Occasional Commenter

    Dessertspoon, interpret this from the BBC profile of De Chastelain:

    Those two inspectors, Maarti Ahtisaari and Cyril Ramaphosa, reported that they had put measures in place – measures unknown – to make sure that the arms could not be used without their knowledge.

    That is the most detailed description I’ve been able to find.

    Neither your definition of ‘decommission’ nor De Chastelain’s require any sort of permanance.

    Throwing around accusations of obstructionism is no substitute for dealing with my question.

  • John O’Connell

    Any truth in the rumour that the IRA are waiting until the summer season in Bundoran to begin before making a commitment to peace?

    That way Sinn Fein can get in on the act by them using the Chinese mirror maze in the amusements to allow all of them to act out their various roles at the same time.

  • Dessertspoon

    Ok Occassional Commenter sorry for the delay but here you go:

    “The decommissioning process should result in the complete destruction of armaments in a
    manner that contributes to public safety.”


    I hope this helps.

  • Occasional Commenter

    Dessertspoon, thanks for the reply. When I have time, I’ll read that. However, I’m still not happy with the definition of ‘destruction’. It doesn’t seem to define it clearly and I’m not convinced that they take destruction to mean the same thing as most people would expect.