Bloody Sunday soldier found dead in London

The Evening Standard reports: “A senior soldier who served in Northern Ireland and gave evidence to the Bloody Sunday inquiry has been found shot dead”. Thanks to reader Dave for the heads up!

  • Jo

    …he’ll have to face another inquiry now…

  • barney

    “…he’ll have to face another inquiry now…”

    The same one we will all face in the end, without the protection of anonimity, gagging orders, amnesia, national security get-outs and that whole bag of tricks.

  • Jarlaith Kelly

    Brian Nelson “found dead”.

    William Stobie “found dead”.

    Kevin Fulton “found dead”.

    And now this.

    Seems a bit eerie and odd that so many people who done Britain’s dirty work in the North are “found dead”.

  • Brian

    Could it be that British agents and foremr soldiers who committed foul deeds on behalf of HMG are deemed dispensible? Methinks so.

  • barney

    I would like to exytend my sympathies to anyone who hoped the British Army would come clean about Bloody Sunday.

  • barney

    “exytend” = “extend”

  • Jo

    Jarlaith, I dont think Kevin Fulton is dead, actually, but the point is made.

    You also forgot John Stalker, whose career was killed by his involvement here.

  • Tom the Trad

    Republicans: stop girning, you’re going to get a bad name if you don’t.

    If you want to think on something, think on why an ex-army sniper (a sniper for pity’s sake) ‘shot himself’ in the *stomach*! No one but no one who understands how gunshot wounds work shots themself in the stomach.

    Now I detest conspiracy theories with the best of them, but if the details are as thus far reported, this chap was murdered. But why assume by his former employers? Who, for example, currently or recently employed a man with his CV?

  • joe

    “He never hated the Irish but he hated terrorism -he had Irish roots and family land in Roscommon, but he could never visit it because of his battles with the IRA. I suppose that’s the tragedy of Ireland.”
    Absolutely missus, your ex-husband may have shot a civillian in (at best) disputed circumstances and gave evidence anonymously to the Saville Inquiry but the real tragedy was that he couldn’t visit his ‘family land’ in Roscommon.

  • sean west

    A trained killer has done for himself.
    He is no loss.

  • Paul O

    I have huge doubts about Brian Nelson’s ‘death’ too, Jo.

  • Jo

    Paul, I think Im right in remembering that there were at least 2 “explanations” as to Nelson’s demise – heart attack and brain tumour?

    Or perhaps a stab with a hollowed-out umbrella?

  • Mick

    Sean West: Red Card. For comments previously removed!!

  • JD

    Just to confirm:

    Has Kevin Fulton been “found dead” or not?

  • PaulPanther

    Peter Kiely is alive and well

  • maca

    “the real tragedy was that he couldn’t visit his ‘family land’ in Roscommon”

    Joe. Such things are a tragedy, perhaps this is not such a grand example but there are many cases of divided friends and family in this shitty little ‘war’.

  • JD

    Cheers, PP.

  • guggler

    Tom the Trad

    I am assuming sir that you are unhealthily obsessed by the television series Star Trek or some such tomfoolery. Kindly desist from these childish rantings and allow sense to descend upon the fellow’s demise.

    Perhaps he wasn’t quite such a crack shot as the authorities would have us believe, it really may not be much more complex than that.

    Conspiracies ? What an utter bore.

    Thank you.

  • confusedin downpatrick

    A trained killer has done for himself.
    He is no loss.

    Interesting comment Sean West.

    I assume that you are a Republican and if a supporter of the IRA you believe that it is okay to kill innocent civilians as they are “unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time” i never really understood the problem that the republicans had with the terrible events on Bloody Sunday, I mean lets face it how many civilians died violently at the hands of the IRA??

    To speak ill of the dead who cannot defend themselves is wrong at the best of times mate, if you had seen the side of this dirty war that I saw as a member of the special forces you would be sick, we watched from afar many a time while you executed your own. The majority of your ranks where made up of cowardly thugs who where happy to shoot a policeman in the face even when he was helpless on the ground and unarmed begging for his life. But soon threw away the AK and told us where your mates where

    In the cold light of day the people that the “RA” have been intimidating and holding back for years are starting to see you for what you are.

    I really hope that both sides in Ulster can change because I live here, an ex para and ex SAS, I even shop in Castlewellan Market!! 😉

  • Peter the Goat

    The soldier was shot through the stomach in his car several weeks ago but the story was just released a few days ago.