Catholicism in the same boat as Anglicans…?

Catholicism’s relationship with the British state has often been complex and contrardictory. Some may even claim it’s been paradoxical. There’s an interesting panoply of chararacters from modern English Catholicism in the Economist. Strangely perhaps for Irish eyes, some of them deeply sympathetic to the cause of Ulster Unionists.

  • vineyard worker

    If Catholics in the north were to read Pope Benediict’s writigs as a Cardinal it would be hard to avoid the conclusion that they should vote for the DUP.

    He condems

    – Political religions which would have to include the Irish Republican death cult based on the Blasphemous Easter rising.

    – Relitivism and secularism which the DUP alone stand against in the political sphere.

    – Abortion which again the DUP are the sole party who can be trusted to oppose tooth and nail.

    Of course the whole anti-Catholic thing would be a problem but throughout the world Catholics and evangelical Protestants are finding common cause. The admiration for John Paul II in American evangelical circles will have been noticed by the Paisleyites.

    The question is often asked about Fianna Fail organising in the north but the DUP should consider organising in the south too. Paisley and Dana would be on the same side on almost every issue.