PEB links

I haven’t noticed any easy linking to the party election broadcasts. You can get them all here:
UUP DUP SF SDLP Alliance Conservatives WP Rainbow George

  • Mehmet

    Does anyone know when the count will start?
    Also when we can reasonably expect the first Westminister N.I. Results?
    Are both Westminister and Council counted at the same time?

  • Alan2

    I would assume the Westminster results will be declared fairly quickly whereas the STV council elections take much longer to work out.

  • PS

    I think the Westminster count is on the Friday, with the council count not starting untill the Monday.

  • Gonzo

    Quite liked what the SDLP did with Durkan in their PEB.

  • yerman

    The SDLP broadcasts usually aren’t too bad – Durkan can carry off the ‘folksy’ talk to camera quite well, but it will probably take a lot more than that to save them.

    Didnt like uncle Gerry by the fireside at all – far too smug for my liking : quel surprise – gerry = smug!

    Already posted my problems with the UUP broadcast: in summary. Too much Trimble. Uncle Reg lecturing the kids. Only 2 people trusted to speak in it. Younger candidates including one older than his opponent. Use of DUP achievements in claiming development of NI (but nice advert for Robinson’s trains and Dodds Victoria Sq). And reiterating that disastrous ‘decency’ stuff.

    DUP broadcast ok – good spread of candidates showing strength in depth. Hit the bases that you would expect and was well shot. Probably would expect the campaign to move on to more positive tone so will be interesting to see how their next one shapes up against the other parties.