DUP Business Policy Paper

The DUP has today launched it`s Business Policy paper. Nigel Dodds has expressed his gratitude to the UUP for publicising the DUP`s recent pro-business meetings held in London, Dublin and Belfast. Peter Robinson has also been outlining the parties pro-business stance:

“We believe that NI business, compared to other regions of the United Kingdom, is enduring excessive costs in several areas such as bank charges, insurance, fuel and transport, energy, rates, potential water charges and red tape and bureaucracy. These costs are in no ways unique to Northern Ireland but often their impact is exaggerated here. ”

“That does not mean that Northern Ireland should give up on attempting to attract inward investment. Indeed, the DUP has been pro-active on this front. As late as a few weeks ago we met with members of the business community and bankers, many of whom have wide international business links, in Dublin to discuss the immense benefits to them and Northern Ireland’s economy of attracting jobs and new investment into the province. This is a practice we have also carried out in London and Belfast.”

An article in today`s News Letter with regards the recent Dublin trip quotes Peter Robinson as stating:

“We told leading members of the business community and bankers, many of whom have international links, in Dublin of the immense benefits to them and Northern Ireland`s economy of them attracting new jobs and new investment into the Province.

So, there was nothing uncomfortable about it for us at all.

Infact, the dinner was held in the banqueting hall of the old House of Lords building in Dublin, which is owned by the Bank of Ireland.

On one wall, there was a massive tapestry of the Battle of the Boyne and on the other, another huge tapestry of the Siege of Derry, so how could we be uncomfortable?”

  • steve48

    Wonder if the Dublin bankers and businessmen raised the issue of Northern Ireland becoming part of the Eurozone and what the DUP response was.
    Rumor has it they are keeping their options open on that one

  • Alan2

    Not sure. Against the Constitution and generally Euro sceptic so I would assume they are aginst joining the Eurozone

  • Jonathan McCullough

    Is this the same DUP that promised to give Northern Ireland a “Fair Deal”, that promised to “Defend the RUC”, yet didn’t even turn up in parliament to support them? The DUP? Is it the Dublin Unionist Party??????

  • City Hall Watcher

    Is it true that Sammy Wilson changed his vote at a Titanic Quarter planning meeting in City Hall a few days after the DUP leadership flew in a executive jet to Dublin to meet with leading Irish financiers?