SDLP pulling too many punches

More SDLP bashing. Conor Cruise O’Brien believes that there’s been a pact between Sinn Fein and the SDLP. He admits he has no evidence of such, but is urging nationalists not to vote for them, in order to send the party an uncompromising message for the future.

  • El Matador

    Another fellow away with the fairies.

    Alasdair McDonnell has an excellent article in response printed in today’s Irish Independent.

  • Henry94

    The silence was rooted in the preparations for the coming British elections, in which Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom, will participate. Sinn Fein and the SDLP must have done a silent deal, under which each will benefit from the other’s electoral transfers.

    First of all you can’t have a transfer pact when you don’t tell your supporters. Second it’s a FPTP election so there are no transfers.

  • Fraggle

    The cruiser is determined to demonstrate how tenuous his grip on reality is. what is he on?

  • peter

    I think McDonnell, Attwood and McGrady would differ. What planet is this man on.These two partys loathe each other.

  • barney

    I hope Cruiser remembers to pay the tax on whatever money he made with this tripe. Although, given the number of factual errors, it could be presented as a work of fiction.

  • middle-class taig

    …. he’s away with the fairies….

    that’s my considered analysis

  • middle-class taig

    whoops, sorry matador, snap

  • sean west

    This clown was once a cabinet minister.Why does’nt
    get lost once and for all.

  • barney


    thanks for reminding me. He was the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, if memory serves. Connor presided over the deterioration of Ireland’s telephone system so that you waited at least 18 months for a new phone and the whole system was classed as worse than third world. When tackled on this while canvassing for re-election, he put it down to some republican conspiracy. He just couldn’t believe that people were genuinely pissed off with him for doing a bad job and his opinions on the north were of little or no interest to the ordinary voter. Plus ca change.

  • Mark

    Also, in 1977 he introduced the directives banning Sinn Fein from appearing on RTE. A bit hypocritical coming from a man who fears Sinn Fein will turn the island into a fascist state. He made a fair old stab at it himself.

  • La Dolorosa

    The Cruiser is one of the greatest revisionists ever.

  • La Dolorosa

    The Cruiser is one of the greatest revisionists ever.

  • sean west

    The shame is Barney i remember him too well.
    He did an interview with the late unlamented bernard levin.The crux of it was,we were 10th rate
    and any one from England was a genius.
    Levin then wrote.”If ever Ireland sinks the only one we should save is Conor cruise o’ brien”.

  • cruising

    Cruise O’Brien may be forgiven. He is elderly, and clearly exhibits this in his “thinking”. The Nationalist electorate remembers him and his ilk for their contributions in censorship, and propaganda, all of which prolonged the suffering, particularly of the Nationalist people, but by implication, the remainder of society here as well. Masquerading as an intellectual, he continues to regurgitate his bile upon the unfortunate readers who imagine that he may have something original to say. He has not. Just as in the seventies, the cruiser suffers from an unrelenting phobia against all things nationalist, which he sees as a fascist philosophy. The people in the Nationalist areas of the six counties know better. They have experienced enough of the RUC, the Brits and the loyalist paramilitaries to know what cruiser supported.

  • barney


    I feel your pain but the south suffered too. I’ll never forget those phones. Never. If I live to be a hundred.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    I like to think that he will be remembered kindly for his role in Africa and for such works as States of Ireland, rather than his more recent contributions which strike me as unworthy of a man of his gifts.

  • Colm

    Yes, I think a kindly veil should be drawn over his contributions to debates on the north. I still remember his infamous and confident prediction made I believe in an article in the Sunday Times shortly after the ceasefire of 1994 in which he saw the announcement as a nefarious plot by the provos designed to create a chain of events that within 6 months would leave the whole island swimming in blood with massive ethnic cleansing and deaths in the thousands. Mercifully he proved hto be hugely inaccurate in that act of fortune telling.