SDLP is destroying the peace process?

Jim Gibney believes that the choice for nationalists is for the ‘peace process’ (Sinn Fein) or against it (SDLP). He also reminds us that polling day is the 24th anniversary of Bobby Sands’ death.

  • El Matador

    Living with the fairies. Keep taking the medication

  • Jim Bob

    It’s certainly the case that the SDLP is finding itself heading off down the partitionist cul-de-sac, not least because some of its senior members seem to prefer it that way. The truth of course is that strategically they weren’t ever going anywhere else. They just didn’t anticipate anything beyond partition and how to take advantage of that.

    And like all those who don’t plan ahead, they’re paying the price

  • idunnomeself

    ‘PSNI, a force containing the people who killed Pat Finucane’

    really? Ken Barrett works for teh PSNI now?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I’m gobsmacked that edited Jim GIBNEY has the audacity to lecture anyone on what is and isn’t good for the peace process, when him and his associates were the same people who prosecuted a sectarian pogrom against the British people of the United Kingdom for 30 years!

    Please be careful what you write Concerned Loyalist. Unless you have proof about Mr Gibney’s status A.U.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Well it rings true if you work on the assumption that only those making war can make peace. I’m hardly convinced though.

  • Concerned Loyalist


    Just to clear something up. It was the UFF alone and NOT in collusion with the RUC, who executed Finucane.
    I get the feeling that nationalists/republicans believe that loyalists lack the capability to carry out any form of military action without the aid of the RUC/Army. This is severely wide of the mark to say the least!

    In the case of Ken Barrett, he was well-known to police and loyalists as a “Walter Mitty” style character. I believe it to be true that he was involved in the sanction, but it is widely believed that he was not the trigger-man.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    What about the victims? Surely they are the key to peace, and not murderous cowards in the Republican Movement?

    Peace is unattainable until the victims have closure and are able to, if not forgive, at least live in the same land as the perpetrators of those heinous crimes against their loved ones. There will always be bitterness and hatred felt through the generations otherwise.

    A good start would be for the Provos to let the families of the “Disappeared” know where their loved ones have been lying all these years!

  • Snapper

    Concerned Loyalist

    Have you proof that the RUC were not involved?

  • Tom

    The logic of all of this beggars belief. I have spent 23 years in the SDLP. Sinn Fein has ruthlessly exploited the SDLP position. At least every SDLP member I know can sleep easy at night and can look their children and grandchildren in the eye and say in their search for peace – there is no blood on their hands. There was no SDLP collusion which resulted in murder. To the Provisonal movement – the is an hierarchy not just of victims but of citzens and everyone reaches at stage where they are expendable to the movement and the cause. The proof is the kids who went to jail; the hunger strikers who died needlessly; the republican families who fell foul of republican godfathers and the two governments who have debased democracy. The sickening parrots who are mantra trained by Sinn Fein know better than they are letting on. But there is an old adage – you can can lie to everyone but yourself.

  • sean west

    What a tragedy.We are fighting eachother once again.We should be working together for the future.The war from 71 to 94 was our Vietnam.
    WE ALL LOST.Any one that is declaring a victory is crazy.3,000 dead,35,000 injured and how many lives ruined.Of course some of the people that allowed this to happen ,walk away with reputations
    unsullied.Just note the eulogies to James Callaghan recently.These guys like Wilson,Callaghan,Lynch,Whitelaw and Atkins always die in their beds.Nice and safe.While we carry on an increasingly pointless fight.

  • El Matador

    Exactly Tom.

    There is no democracy or fairness with SF- it’s all a veil of deceit. And if anyone dares to question them they are called anti-republicans or their personalities are smeared- eg McCartneys.

    Building an Ireland of equals? It’s more like Animal Farm- some are more equal than others.

  • harry

    El Mat

    There was not a great deal of party Democracy exercised in West Tyrone

    Local reps. wanted to support Deeny

    Durkan and leadership said no