SDLP a threat to future devolution…

Not only is it under attack from Sinn Fein’s Jim Gibney, but the SDLP is also accused of threatening devolution by (wait for it), Peter Robinson!

  • Karl Rove

    There are so many reasons why Durkan’s pose of, ‘it’s my way or the highway’ is risible, I shan’t waste your bandwidth by listing them, *but* . . . heed only this stoops: you *need* Unionist votes to hold any seat other than Eddie’s. This guff is going to help ensure you don’t. But fire away, you’re almost as proficient at losing elections as S. King esq & partners.

  • Jim Bob

    With the SDLP so weakened electorally after this election, there’s no way their input could be considered cross-community for the purposes of doing anything.

    This is only kite-flying by Robinson.

    He knows what he has to do and with whom he has to deal. And if the DUP drag their feet they’ll find their May 5th fortunes ebbing away.

    It’s called a crisis Peter. The fork in the road. Both routes have problems ahead. Don’t dither or you’ll miss your chance.

  • Keith M

    There is a catch 22 hee. Ifv Durkan loses Foyle and the SDLP are down to one seat, then they can hardly be considered a party representing nationalism. If Durkan wins then they are going to contine to be politiocal bodyguards for SF/IRA.

    The best result for unioniosm is for the SDLP to take two seats; South Down and South Belfast. They can still be considered a voice of nationalism, and McGrady and McDonnell are likely to be more pragmatic than Durkan when it comes to cutting a deal.

  • Dessertspoon

    Lets face it my goldfish could cut a better deal than Durkan. In fact if he (the goldfish) got together with my dog they could probably sort the whole thing out by tomorrow lunchtime.

  • IJP

    To be fair, Mick, Alliance has been making this point for months and you have several press statements in your inbox to prove it!

    As one of them put it two days ago, the fact is that the SDLP (leadership) is leaving the future of Ireland in the hands of the IRA, by waiting for movement from the IRA before even contemplating restoring local power to local democrats.

    Myself, I’d prefer to see progress based on Irish democrats, not an illegal mafia organization.