McNarry in the bookies camp?

There’s an interesting quote carried today in the Newsletter from David McNarry (no online version yet), where he seems to somewhat differ from David Trimble’s prediction of UUP gains at the General Election.

The quote reads:
“At first sight, it is not great news because the bookies are usually better at these predictions than the pollsters”, said UUP man David McNarry who has been in close contact with bookmaker Barney Eastwood.

“But the up side is that the bookies are really saying we have one almost definate seat but three remaining constituencies where it is too close to call and we are in with a strong shout of all three”.

While I wouldn’t argue that the bookies are probably better predictors than David Trimble, even if David McNarry’s optimism proves correct he is still predicting that the UUP will lose a seat rather than make any gains.

Whilst we’re on the subject of bookies – it seems that some of the confidence exuded regarding UUP victories hasn’t been backed up by hard cash, well certainly that is the case at Betfair, where (at the time of posting) there has yet to be any money laid on UUP victories.