McGimpsey accuses Paisley of hypocracy

Hmmm. Not sure what to say about this one. Michael McGimpsey was on the airwaves this afternoon decrying the DUP going to Dublin to talk to Big Business. On the day the DUP launched a new business policy paper it may not have been the most damaging line of attack. The frustration of the UUP is real, and based partly on what they see as the DUP picking a line they had previously mercilessly attacked UUP for taking. But this is a fight in which they have had few opportunities to land clean blows on their opponent.

  • Jim Bob

    “McGimpsey accuses Paisley of hypocrisy
    Hmmm. Not sure what to say about this one”

    It’s simple, and we’ll see more and more of this.

    The UUP are quite rightly pointing out that the realities of life will ensure that the DUP have to do business with those whom they’re pretending to their supporters, they’re not doing business.

    Vote DUP and you get the same as the UUP is the message, loud and clear. It would be nice if that message would filter down to the sprawling estates and god-fearing rural lands that the DUP have been bluffing for years, but I doubt it.

    Maybe soon we’ll hear Peter Robinson giving a private speech in which he uses the phrase “post Ulster Nationalism” a few times.

    But let’s not be too hard on them. They travel the well-trodden path of the power seeker.

    Those poor DUP supporters who were hoping that the Paisley supremacy would see Fenians hanging in the park, can go ehh hang…

    It was ever thus

  • IJP

    Sorry to do a Willowfield on you, Mick, but since it’s in the main headline and it’s a word I expect to appear lots over the next few weeks – it’s hypocrisy.

  • fair_deal

    Every UUP seat is now safe and all the DUP candidates will have to scurry back to do some hard work or they will be getting a redundancy cheques……..NOT.

    A meeting with senior business people similar to one’s that both the DUP has attended and the business people have organised with other parties. This argument doesn’t wash with the hardcore support of the DUP because of the messenger (UUP and McGimpsey) while at the other end of the spectrum in the DUPs recently new voters and the new voters they wish to attract it will be viewed as the DUP being positive.

  • Jim Bob

    The DUP are being called like the little boys they are to meet BIG businessmen in Dublin.

    Don’t tell the people that support the DUP though.

    Keep it quiet about all the people they talk to.

  • Justice

    Are the people posting on this thread as thick as they appear? This is helpful to the DUP. They will not loose one single hardline vote because they meet business leaders about jobs and investment. Why would they?
    On the other hand it blows the arse out of the UUP line that the DUP are extremists.

  • davidbrew

    How dare the DUP not play up to their UUP stereotype of foaming at the mouth bigots?
    How dare they get to a swanky dinner in the old House of Lords chamber the tapestries of the Battle of the Boyne and the Siege of Londonderry providing the backdrop?
    But most of all, how dare the bank not invite those valiant trenchermen of the UUP-Messrs trimble, Jack Allen, Ken Maginnis and Jas Cooper?

    Boohoo-it’s not fair!

    That was a party dejection broadcast by the Ulster Unionist Party

  • Alan2

    This really riles me. Jeffrey Donaladson and Peter Robinson have engaged in Southern conferences before putting the Unionist and nNorthern Ireland case forward. There is a stark difference between interference in the affiars of Northern Ireland by another government and engaging with busninessmen and politicians from South of the border with the aim of bringing further trade to NI, boosting the economy, bringing jobs and fostering good relations between the two countries. The UUP are old hat, stuffy and behind the times. The DUP has a position, will stick to it without moving the goalposts, will honour any deal thaey come to and SELL IT to the electorate because it will be a permanent deal and they will also engage actively and constructively with ANYONE that helpd boost Northern Ireland and quite obviously our two biggest trading areas are the Republic and the UK mainland.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “The DUP has a position, will stick to it without moving the goalposts, will honour any deal thaey come to and SELL IT to the electorate”

    I don’t follow Alan. Paisley said only a few years ago that Sinn Fein would never get into government in NI, ever. Then he nearly – just nearly – signed up to a deal wit them recently. Now again he is saying that Sinn Fein will never get into government in NI. Which is it ? There is absolutely nothing clear about the DUP’s position on the future government of NI.

  • the truth

    Paisley and co and forwarding an all ireland economy. Irish buisnesses and banks want one economy not two

  • Alan2

    “Then he nearly – just nearly – signed up to a deal wit them recently.”

    Which had quite a number of conditions to be met….which all still stand except it is going to take an awful long time to convince people and build confindence to enable some form of self government for the Province if it is to include Sinn Fein IRA.

  • The Hawk

    Sounds as if “Lord” Dennis Rogan is getting worried that he might lose his nice little sinecure as director of Tony O’Reilly’s Telegraph group.

    When Trimble seemed to be of importance, he fixed up Rogan with this position. Now that the DUP are the people to deal with, he is surplus to requirements.

  • The Hawk

    To be more accurate, it’s the part of O’Reilly’s Independent group which includes the Belfast Telegraph.

  • jim

    Glad to see the DUP adopting an all Ireland dimension

    Good to see the boys thinking ahead

  • tiny

    Alan2, only a few weeks ago Paisley was on TV calling on the governments to sort the things out, governments plural!

  • What Are The DUP Up To?

    Some questions that need answered about this:

    Did the DUP leadership travel to this dinner in an executive jet and who paid for it?

    What Irish financiers were at this meeting?

    What did they discuss with the DUP?

    Was the Titanic Qtr development (Harcourt et al) discussed?

    Why did Sammy Wilson change his vote on the Titanic Qtr development a few days after this trip?

    Were Irish government officials at this dinner?

    Does this meeting imply that the DUP will be in government with SF after the election?

  • Karl Rove

    ‘What Are the DUP Up To’ – good questions one and all, but I fear they have one question to ask back at us (as I’m assuming you’re, like me, a UUP supporter). That one, dreadful question is, “Lord Ballyedmond?!” Any notion yourself what the answer is?

  • Hansolo

    Sammy Wilson did change his vote a few days after the Dublin trip

  • Hansolo

    Sorry, I meant Peter Robinson changed his vote a few days after the trip…