Bono for Pope..?

BETTING has already opened on the successor to Pope Benedict at Irish bookie Paddy Power, the BBC reports. The Vatican will be delighted to know that Father Dougal Maguire (Craggy Island) and Bono (Ireland) are both hanging in there at 1000-1.

  • Gotham Image

    Don’t forget Gotham Image – but only if an American makes it.

  • SeamusG

    Cardinal von Schoenborn is the one to back.

  • Éamo

    What odds Paisley?
    same age, same conservatism, same hair colour.

  • CavanMan

    Bono to be the first Anglican Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, seems likely to happen alright 😉

  • Davros

    I reckon Widders is in with a chance. I was thinking of a double – Widders as Pope and Charles Kennedy as
    Prme Minister of the UK, but I’m worried if the Kennedy thing would ruin a sound bet 😉

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Almost anyone would be better than the ultra-conservative, former member of the Hitler Youth, Ratzinger.

    It’s good to see that the Church of Rome have shown the World that they actually do care about the plight of their co-religionists in the Third World…NOT!

    Ratzinger believes it is more important Roman Catholics in the Third World follow strict doctrine meted out by the RC Church, that the Church of Rome itself has misunderstood completely, than protect themselves from a debilitating, horrific death at the hands of AIDS!

    Would God rather people died than use condoms…I think not.

  • Gum

    Still think it’s hilarious that non-catholics are so concerned with the future of the Catholic Church!

  • Concerned Loyalist

    When the Church of Rome have blood on their hands and do nothing to help eradicate the problems, then yes, I do feel it is an issue for non-ROMAN Catholics.

  • Gonzo

    Wasn’t Ratzinger forced into Hitler Youth, his parents were anti-Nazis, and he himself deserted?

    I doubt if the Panzer Pontiff was ever really a Nazi.

  • Henry94

    Con Loyalist

    Do you really believe that people ignore the Pope’s (this Pope, the last Pope, any Pope) teachings on sex outside marriage but stick rigidly (sorry) to his teachings on condoms.

    I think you are looking at the issue through an orange tinted lens.

  • barney

    “Ratzinger believes it is more important Roman Catholics in the Third World follow strict doctrine meted out by the RC Church, that the Church of Rome itself has misunderstood completely, than protect themselves from a debilitating, horrific death at the hands of AIDS! “

    I would be very interested in seeing whatever figures you have to back up that claim.
    South Africa, thanks to the Dutch settlers perhaps, is 68% Protestant. The next biggest religions are indigenous. No much Cathoic influence there then. But South Africa happens to have one of the worst AIDS epidemics anywhere in the world. I’ve been there and condoms are given away free in almost every work place. Condoms are not much of a cure-all then.
    AIDS is a complicated problem and it’s maybe a bit silly to imagine the Church’s stance on contraception is a significan factor. However, I am prepared to be persuaded otherwise. Let’s see your data.

  • U2 Too

    Waddaya mean Bono for Pope?

    Bono is GOD (at least he thinks so)

  • guggler

    I understand that the German embassy in Dublin have confimred that raztzinger’s involvement in the Hitler Youth was entirely voluntary and there was little if any ‘consciption’ for young Germans at the time.

    I really don’t know what the fuss is about with this new Pope, if anything he is merely a more authentic voice of the theology of that church without any of the bogus ‘niceness’ of the previous role-holder. It is the theology of that and many other churches which warants the opposition and the utmost susopicions of sesnisble minded fellows, not whom they choose to provide the figurehead to the eorganization itself. These ‘personality’ issues are mere distractions – the real debate is or should be between absolutism and moral relativity. Which side are you on vicar ?!

    Lord save us from superstitious godheads and self-appointed demagogues now bebloodygorrah and befeckin’jaysus !!

    Thank you.

  • Henry94


    You should withdraw your untrue claim about the German Embassy.

    By 1941, the Hitler Youth was the only male Youth Organization in the Third Reich. All other youth groups were folded into the Hitler Youth. By 1941, memebership in the Hitler Youth was mandatory and there were stiff penalties for avoiding it.

  • Henry94

    The regulations forcing people into the Hitler Youth were based on this law passed in 1936.

    It is on youth that the future of the German Nation depends. Hence, it is necessary to prepare the entire German youth for its coming duties. The government therefore has passed the following law, which is being proclaimed herewith:
    ARTICLE 1 The entire German youth within the borders of the Reich is organised in the Hitler Youth.
    ARTICLE 2 It is not only in home and school, but in the Hitler Youth as well that all of Germany’s youth is to be educated, physically, mentally, and morally, in the spirit of National Socialism, to serve the nation and the racial community.
    ARTICLE 3 The task of educating the entire German youth is entrusted to the Reich Youth Leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. He thus becomes the “Youth Leader of the German Reich.” His office shall rank with that of a ministry. He shall reside in Berlin, and be responsible directly to the Fuehrer and Chancellor.
    ARTICLE 4 The administrative instructions and legal regulations necessary to implement and supplement this law shall be issued by the Fuehrer and Chancellor.

    Berlin, December 1, 1936
    signed. ADOLF HITLER
    Fuehrer and Chancellor

  • SeamusG

    Nobo would view being Pope as a demotion.