Who should you vote for?

Another quiz. This one makes you sift through the issues at stake in the election in Britain. What adds a bit of bite is that it asks you to predict what way you think you would vote, and then confronts you with what you should vote based on your answers. I thought it might through up some interesting surprises!

  • SeamusG

    I did this yesterday and I should be voting Lib Dem or Green apparently.

  • queens_unionist

    UKIP‘s primary focus is on Europe, where the party is strongly against joining both the EU constitution and the Euro. UKIP is also firmly in favour of limiting immigration. The party does not take a clear line on some other policy issues, but supports scrapping university tuition fees; it is strongly against income tax rises and favour reducing fuel duty.

    Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

    very good one!
    enjoyed that

    made me think a little for a change…but roughly as expected!

  • sean west

    Did the test and got tied between Lib Dems
    and Greens

  • Occasional Commenter

    I was pretty much the same as queens_unionist.
    But I would vote Tory, not UKIP, because the UK will get a referendum on the EU issues so there’s no point choosing your party on it. And also, as much as I think the EU needs an overhaul, there’s no need to pull out.

    It was pretty much as I expected, including the Lib Dem result of only -3; The Lib Dems aren’t too bad.

  • Donnie

    The Green Party with the UKIP second and Labour a distant last! Hmmm.

  • SeamusG

    Bloody hell – it looks like the Greens are going to sweep to power!…LOL

  • Occasional Commenter

    Donnie, that makes 3 of us where the UKIP and Green scores were positive and the Labour party a distant negative number. It’s interesting that it’s implying that UKIP are green and Labour are not.

  • Indeed

    UKIP for me too. Why no Veritas?????

  • Occasional Commenter

    Indeed, Indeed,
    should they have simply said UKIP/Veritas or are there any significant differences between the two on non-EU issues?

  • queens_unionist

    “because the UK will get a referendum on the EU issues so there’s no point choosing your party on it.”

    but will there be this i the thing?

  • Occasional Commenter

    The Labour party have promised referenda on the euro and on the constitution. I don’t think the Tories would even bother with referenda.

    I should have said that the UK won’t be signing up to either without a successful referendum.

  • Logybird

    Lib Dems apparently. Like that really matters here.

  • Occasional Commenter

    Those who want to withdraw from the EU won’t get a referendum. The quiz should have asked whether you wanted to withdraw. Only a Yes to that question should have caused a high score for UKIP.

  • Mike

    UKIP closely followed by Green for me as well, with the ‘big three’ well behind.

  • Indeed


    Differences between the two are few and far between in terms of policy as far as i can see. Maybe Veritas is slightly tougher on immigration and asylum but the main the main difference is one man- Kilroy-Silk – who no matter what anybody says is one of the most convincing politicians and orators around at the moment on the right wing of the political spectrum.
    His effectiveness however is still questionable….

  • Mike Stevenson

    I finished up strongly Lib Dem +47 (and quite strongly Green +29) so will be true to self and vote Alliance as they are the Lib Dems sister party. It also shows that ‘New Labour’ are nearly as Tory as the Tories!

  • Rebecca Black

    I got Conservative Party, not surprised!

  • la Dolorosa

    Rebecca – do they mean New Labour then???

    I got Lib Dem and then the Green party.

  • Sam Maguire

    Lib Dem’s 77, Green 46, minus numbers for the rest

  • Indeed


    you can’t be voting Conservative – that would surely render you INDECENT

  • Rebecca Black

    well, amusingly I came out as quite green as well, so it was the Conservative Party and then the Greens! I must be more of a hippy than I realised!


    If I was on the mainland i would certainly vote Tory, however here I’ll vote UUP!

  • Occasional Commenter

    There are/were links, or at least similarities between
    Alliance<->Lib Dems,
    and UUP<->Conservative.

    Who would the DUP and SF be similar to in Great Britain/R of I/USA or wherever?

  • la dolorosa

    OC – IMHO, In Britain, Veritas & UKIP with a bit of Evangelic Alliance thrown in for good measure would be similar to the DUP. Re the shinners it is hard to say – possibly a mix of Respect, SWP and with an element of New Labour stalinism.

  • PS

    SF are further to the left than any of the parties in Britain. By no means would I be among the more ardent of the socialists in Sinn Féin but I would still be further to the left than any of the British parties. Even the SDLP have more in common with left wing politics than New Labour.

  • Scarlet

    I also got Greens then Liberals. Goes to show where the left should vote this time. Unfortunately will not happen. Perhaps time I jumped. Alliance or the Greens how has it come to this?

  • Alan2

    Got UKIP and also strong positives for Tories and Greens with Labour and Lib Dems negative.
    Interesting that the Greens keep coming up.

  • barnshee

    Don`t vote-the government will get in

  • SeamusG

    There are a variety of parties in Britain who are to the left of Labour. I’ve voted Socialist Labour at the last two general elections. There is also George Galloway’s Respect party.

  • sean west

    Paxman murdered Blair last night on Iraq.
    TB started getting quite shirty.Arrogantly started going on about how he had decide to get rid of Saddam.
    Dear Tony you did not decide a damn thing.

  • Mark

    Predicted Green, got Liberal , but I think I would more than likely vote Labour until such times as a half decent electoral system is introduced. I’m seriously thinking of voting SDLP this time, I’m not a nationalist but I seem to agree with most of their other policies.

  • sean west

    Mark are you mad.It is a wasted vote.

  • Stalford

    Your actual outcome:

    Labour -30
    Conservative +97
    Liberal Democrat -94
    UK Independence Party +51
    Green -34

    You should vote: Conservative


  • Alan2

    Voted tory when on the mainland but would vote UKIP or Veritas at the moment. The Tories don`t deserve a vote for similar reasons to the UUP.

  • La Dolorosa

    Vote Labour and we will eventually get Gordon Brown as PM and at least that will usher in some real Labour poliocies/government a la John Smith type rather than pseudo Toryism.

  • Stalford

    Every vote cast for UKIP or Veritas at this election is helping the federalists within the Labour Party/Liberal Democrats.

    Voting UKIP at Euro-polls is fair enough – Europe is the central issue and its a PR poll. Voting UKIP at general election, under a simple pluraility system, when the UKIP has no realistic chance of winning any Westminster seats, is just plain silly.

    Vote UKIP, get Blair.

  • Alan2

    Your gonna get Blair anyhow. The gap will close a little however. You should vote for who you want. By your reasoning I shouldn`t vote at all here in Mid-Ulster as McGuinness is in without a doubt.

  • Alan2

    Oh and my councillor is already elected without a vote as there were six position and only six candidates.

  • Keith M

    I ended up as a Liberal Democrat! (Probably by anti-smoking bias kicking in).

    Someone should do this for the parties in Northern Ireland.

  • The Beach Tree

    The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

    Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

    No surprises there then

  • Stalford


    No – you should vote Democratic Unionist in Mid Ulster – although I conceed it looks unlikely that McGuinness will be shifted.

    My problem with voting UKIP at general elections is that it divides the Euro-sceptic/anti-European Union vote in a first past the post.

    Theoretical example:

    Dungley-on-the-Would (South West Region) 2001 Result:

    Labour 17,500
    Conservative & Unionist 15,600
    Liberal Democrats 9,800
    UK Indepenedence Party 2,500

    Labour Majority 1,900

    If on the other hand the UKIP voters (whose natural home is the Conservative Party – particularly in the South West) had voted Tory, it would have been one less Blairite federalist on the green benchs.

    UKIP voters should vote alright – vote Tory at this election and revert back to the UKIP for Euro-polls.

  • IJP

    For the record, the only thing that was clear from my results was that I am not Labour. I can tell you I’m most definitely not UKIP either, mind!


    You may or may not agree with the SDLP’s policies, but the fact is the SDLP itself has made them totally irrelevant by making implementation of those policies dependent on movement by the IRA!!!

    If yours is a social-democratic agenda, you will only get that by voting Alliance to that at least it can be discussed in a meaningful forum. (Likewise if yours is a liberal, or a green, or a christian democratic agenda, in fact!)

    The big issue is how we avoid England/Wales policies being brought in in NI wholesale, whether they’re good for us or not. The SDLP’s ‘policies’ will succeed only in maintenance of direct rule, i.e. rule by a party which doesn’t even stand here.

  • PS

    Keith M

    Your result has given a clear indication of what is wrong with the british party system. Given the massive differences in our views on the world and politics (at least as expressed on this board) there’s seems no way that any one could find that we are suited to the same party


    What Britain needs is a proper reprensative electoral system where people vote UKIP or Respect without feeling that their vote is wasted.

  • Occasional Commenter

    I think we should use the STV (i.e. transfers) system, but keeping only only seat per constituency. This would mean that UKIP could transfer to the Torys, SF/SDLP could transfer to each other, DUP/UUP also. Maybe even UUP/SDLP transfers from some pro-Agreement voters

    It would end the complaints about splitting votes, and would bring tactical voting to an end.

    I don’t like having multi-seat constituencies – the winners can just blame each other when asked to sort out a local issue.

  • Alan2

    What way do the Scottish Parliament elections work? I remember voting over there 5 or 6 years ago and there was a pr list system???

  • sean west

    When i am on the MAINLAND i always vote for an Irish party.

  • Alan2

    Must be one of those minority parties that didnt stand in my constituency. 😉

  • sean west

    I have just seen DT posing in front of a routemaster in the irish times.
    I wonder who long DT would stick it in Norbury south london ,these days.Most of the Whites that live there have gone or are going.
    Dave and Daphne would find it a bit difficult to communicate there.No orange halls, even the churches are now big pubs.

  • Alan2

    In fact the choice was basically to have either an SNP or Tory candidate in Galloway (the Tories ONLY seat in Scotland which sometimes swings to SNP).

  • sean west

    You live in all the glam places al.

  • PS

    Occasional Commentator

    I believe one seat consitutencies are problematic in NI as there is the risk of people being unwilling to bring issues to their reprenstative if he/she is from “the other side”. I favour multi seat PR voting systems in all elections.

  • Occasional Commenter

    PS, I hadn’t thought of that. Fair enough for NI.
    They could try my idea in Britain, it wouldn’t be such a big change from the current system.

  • IJP


    The system you suggest is ‘AV’ (‘Alternative Voting’), and is used in Australia for the Lower House of Parliament.

    PS makes a very good point, but the Aussies have an answer to that as well – they elect their Upper House (Senate) by STV (with smaller states overrepresented).

    I have long advocated likewise for the UK.

  • Alan2

    “UKIP voters should vote alright – vote Tory at this election and revert back to the UKIP for Euro-polls.”

    Have to say I would vote Veritas or UKIP. I think it will be a very long time before the tories regain power again and I used to vote for them. They are too distant from the people on the ground.

  • hagrid

    Alan2 mentioned that the Greens keep appearing as an option, if not as first choice then as second – well I can’t say that’s a surprise as I remember a similar discussion on this platform, some time ago on the results of another ‘test’.

    The Green Party in the UK addresses the concerns of many people but is (as many have already stated) ‘unlikely’ to break the mould – and probably won’t until some form of PR is brought in.

    In Northern reland the Greens are not standing in Westminster elections, probably for this very reason, however over a dozen ‘Green’ candidates are standing in the council elections where they have a very real chance of winning their first ‘elected’ councillors (two outgoing councillors joined the Greens in the past year). So maybe we’re about to witness a fresh start for Northern Ireland politics – even if the headlines are kept aside for the die-hards and hacks of the ‘traditional’ parties.

  • north down

    If ever there was an argument to have ‘Greens’ elected in ‘Orange’ constituencies then it could hardly have been better put than in this letter to the Newsletter Asbestos Plans Are A ‘Danger’ To Scrabo’s Natural Attractions