Quote of the week

“Shit or get off the pot” – that’s the advice given to the IRA by Irish Government Minister Dermot Ahern in an interview in Hot Press magazine[it may be buried in there.. somewhere], as reported by the Irish Examiner which also reports his comments as – The paramilitary outfit should immediately cease all violence

Dermot Ahern was more diplomatic when he talked to the Examiner but he’s clearly impatient with foot-dragging that’s taking place –

“We regard (Mr Adams’s) statement as a response to what we said to him in January, when we met him in Government Buildings and said to him and Martin McGuinness that the only two remaining issues were ones only Sinn Féin and the provisional movement could deal with: full decommissioning and an end to criminality.”

However, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern told the Dail yesterday, in response to a question by Labour Party leader Pat Rabbite –

Deputy Rabbitte asked about a reasonable period to await a response. As the process, we are told, is a consultative one which must take place throughout the island and beyond, it will take a few months. I assume that is what we are talking about rather than a period of years. The comments of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform must be viewed in the context of the information that as of last weekend there continues to be training, recruiting and, more worryingly though perhaps not directly related, a cross-over, to say the least, into criminal activities.[emphasis added]

Which would seem to indicate that, while that consultation takes place it remains business as usual for, to use Dermot Ahern’s description, “Sinn Féin and the provisional movement”.

  • sean west

    i thought Foreign ministers were meant to be diplomats.Such an embarrasing use of language.

  • Jim Bob

    I suspect he was trying to show that he’s got a bit of edge, a bit of attitude like, a bit trendy in appealing to the Yoof.

    It was Hot Press after all

  • Davros

    Looking forward to seeing McDowell doing a Wm Hague and donning a baseball cap LOL

  • peteb

    You’re easily embarrassed, sean.. in my own view, it’s a refreshing change to hear such direct language used.

    ..no doubt the Taoiseach was being diplomatic in his choice of words in the Dáil.

  • sean west

    A foreign minister should behave with some degree of dignity.That is why in the Dail or any half decent civilised assembly you cannot say certain words.Anyway Ahern looks like a Spud.

  • Gotham Image

    Intersting- Did you know that is EXACTLY what Richard Nixon said to Eisenhower,when he thought Eisenhower was not being clear if he would dump him from the 1952 GOP ticket. Someone should find out of Ahearne is familiar with Nixon biographies, and see if he read that anecdote recently. That would imply whiffs of Nixonism.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    “Shit or get off the pot”.
    If only all politicians would be so candid and lose their pompous airs and graces and actually speak TO, and not AT the people! It’s a pity the Rafia don’t pay heed.