Have a girn with the PCC…

THE Press Complaints Commission will be holding an open day in Belfast on May 18th at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall to which anyone can go. And no, it only applies to newspapers.

The blurb reads:

The day will be structured as follows:

Afternoon surgery: a chance to speak to Commission members and staff about any aspect of the PCC’s work. The Studio 4.30-6pm

Question Time: members of the public are invited to grill a panel of individuals, who have experience of the PCC, about self-regulation and the press. The Studio 6pm

The day will conclude with a drinks reception.

The members of the panel will be:

Sir Christopher Meyer, Chairman of the PCC;
Ed Curran, editor of the Belfast Telegraph;
Vivien Hepworth, public member of the Commission;
Tim Toulmin, Director of the PCC

For further information, please contact Tonia Milton on [email protected] or on 020 7353 1248.