Eastwoods on line…

Barney Eastwood has finally gone on line, and is offering all manner of bets for the political connoisseur. Check out South Belfast, where Michael McGimpsey is being slightly edged into third place (where Sean Grahams also have him). Not a significant difference by any means. But if the DUP can convince the Unionist electorate that that signifies an important difference, watch them push Jimmy Spratt hard as the unity Unionist candidate.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Quite a sea change if they’re right. I make that DUP 10 SF 5 SDLP 2 UUP 1

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Quite a sea change if they’re right. I make that DUP 9 SF 6 SDLP 2 UUP 1

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Oops. The second post is right. I think.

  • franc

    The match betting seems the best chance of winning a few quid

  • PS

    Interesting to see Mitchel McLaughlin odds on in Foyle. I don’t know too many poor bookies so this could be a good indication of who will be the victor come May 5th.

  • PS

    I’d be tempted by Peter Weir at 9/4 for North Down and Catríona Ruane at 9/2 might be few a speculation. 10/1 on Gerry Kelly might offer decent value though its hard to see Dodds being unseated.

  • Chris Gaskin

    I would be tempted to throw a couple of hunderd on Conor because it’s a dead cert

  • PS

    Not a lot of value in 1/25. Only making £8 for a £200 stake.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    At those odds the only advantage you’d would be to exchange one form of money for another. Who on earth would be interested in that?

  • Davros

    The puritan in me disapproves of betting on elections.

  • Sam Maguire

    How’s this for an after thought, after this election Lady Sylvia will be the only UUP MP according to Eastwoods – New UUP leader by default? Or will Jim Nicholson get it 😛

  • johnhidd

    Sean Graham has Jimmy Spratt as slight favourite in South Belfast.

  • Mehmet

    Oh Happy Happy Days to have 1 U.U.P. remaining, she could even get me to enjoy reading her diary. Bye Bye David.

  • Alan2

    Rwalistically I expect the UUP to return perhaps Lady Silvia and maybe David Burnside.

  • peter

    If the UUP were to fall to one seat then that would be a total disaster. I think they will do better than one. S.Antrim and S.Belfast will stay as will E.Antrim with the aid of the 4000 SDLP votes could stay as well.

    Fermanagh is still an outside chance for the UUP. However three seatd sounds about right.

  • kitty

    I am surprised to see Deeny’s odds. Seeing the spectacle he made of himself
    1- Dr No ( No party should stand against me)
    2- Dr Houdini ( How the hell do I get out of this one and fool ‘the good people of West Tyrone’ by pretending I am sincere),
    3- Dr Who?

  • Ted


    Fermanagh – UUP outside chance

    I’m guessing by dint of the fact you refer to it as ‘Fermanagh’ that either you aren’t remotely associated with the constituency, or you seriously believe the myth of ‘traditional Ulster Unionism!’ as peddled by James Cooper and Colonel Sanders (whoops, Lord Helpus ………….. beggin your pardon m’Lud!’)

    That would be ‘outside chance‘ as in Father Dougal Maguire has an ‘outside chance’ of succeeding Benny XVI.

    Find out what the odds are for Tom Elliott finishing fourth, then at least you’ll have a sporting chance.

    With a sole unionist candidate it would be a two horse race. However, with a thoroughbred and an old nag already running (each side choose your own – but we all know who we really mean!) the UUP have decided to enter a donkey with a UUP rosette. (Mind you, this is not just any donkey with a UUP rosette, it’s a donkey with a UUP rosette and an Orange sash!)

    Tom’s chances have been further damaged by:

    1. his first live media contribution of the campaign on Talkback last Friday; “Ooh sorry David, I broke up there!”

    2. the recent arrival in Enniskillen of Tom Duffy’s Circus.

    Of the three Tom’s with posters up in the constituency, Tom Duffy is the most likely next MP!

    peter – The DUP selected Arlene Foster as their candidate last year. Tom Elliott is the fall guy James Cooper nominated to take the kicking that James knew he would get had he tried to run against Arlene when ALL unionists were free to give their opinion, not just the pro-Trimble UUP sycophants.

    BTW Tom Elliott is the UUP candidate in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. This info may be useful in a pub quiz in the near future.

    Mind you, today’s news is tomorrow’s ‘Fish & Chips’ wrapping!

  • Young Fermanagh Unionist

    I hear Willie McCrea is slighly ahead of Burnside in the polls I feel Burnside is now a lone voice and I feel that he should rightly be unseated.

    Less of the Tom Eliott knocking hes being used by cooper and bashed by everyone else. Arlene does have an outside chance but it is very remote it depends how much the UUP vote collapses it needs to be under 5000 at least.

  • Ted


    If what you say is true, then why can’t somebody who he’ll listen to tell Tom to get out now!

    Likeable guy or not, Tom is, as you say, being used by Cooper & Co. And he is going to be hung out to dry. But he is there by his own volition!

    A split Unionist vote serves only one party, and given that 5th May is the 24th anniversary of Sands’ death (a fact which the UUP on the ground were unaware of when I spoke to them today) and seeing as his participation will only stop a Unionist being elected, Tom has entered an arena where he must be prepared to put up with brickbats as well as bouquets!

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Ted, YFU

    What will use say if Tom does beat Arlene, will you say that she was wrong to stand?

  • Ted


    Your question sums up the whole UUP objective in FST – ABBA (Anybody But Bloody Arlene!)

    Mr Morton may not have spoken to you yet about the disgraceful disrespect you showed to one of the school’s recent guests (recorded in a previous thread), but don’t worry, he will!

  • Roger

    Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Arlene hammered Tom was Tom wrong to stand I think so.

  • Roger

    Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Arlene hammered Tom was Tom wrong to stand I think so.