UUP launch Manifesto

The UUP has this afternoon launched its very “bread and butter” election Manifesto. The reference to future devolution comes in the opening message:

We proved that Sinn Fein were unfit for office. We put them to the
test, stripped away all their excuses, and, in October 2002, put them out when they failed.

We have concluded that, while republicans are prepared to offer more process, they do not want to give up their private army. Consequently, we do not intend to re-enter an Executive that includes Sinn Fein.

The document outlines the Party’s opposition to water taxes, opposition to the continuation of 50:50 Police recruitment, support for the use of ASBOs and support for the war against terrorism.

  • Black Nicky

    I’m sooo boring that I’m watching this on BBC Parliament (ie the bit of the BBC that shows the stuff too dull even for News twenty bore). So the screen’s that annoying ‘quarter box’, and I can’t see whether Burnside is there. Presumably if he is unlucky enough to appear in the same frame as Trimble, that’ll be another 500 votes he loses?

  • Black Nicky

    Ah, he *is* there, but standing as far as away from the Turtle as is humanly possible, virtually the Ramada rather than the Stormont.

  • sean west

    That UUP manifesto in brief.
    Decent people vote UUP.
    No to powersharing(maybe)
    Cordial relations with Dublin.
    ER that’s it.

  • fair_deal

    Visually a higher standard than previous manifesto’s produced with four flaws:
    1. The group of people on the front look North American as do shots inside the manifesto, it will not help with identification with the UUP (but hey its better than the billboard at least they manage a few non-white faces this time.)
    2. McGimpsey/Beggs talking to little children pic doesn’t work they both look too stiff (no pun intended)
    3. The Hermon/McCune scareing a granny picture.
    4. The Bush picture looks like he is trying to get away from Trimble.

    Now off to read it – comments later

  • fair_deal

    PS make up your minds which logo you are going to use

  • sean west

    would’nt you want to get away from Trimble.
    I reckon old Daphne has thought about it

  • Black Nicky

    Actually, the UUP manifesto in short is:

    The DUP are indecent and unacceptable because, they won’t cut a deal with SF/they will cut a deal with SF.

    Er, that really is it.

  • Stalford

    That poor old dear looks like she’s had a really hard time of it, and to make things worse Sylvia Hermon and Rodney McCune turn up with a photographer in tow!

    For goodness sake, hasn’t she suffered enough?!

  • Davros

    We proved that Sinn Fein were unfit for office

    You also proved that the UUP and the DUP and the SDLP were unfit for office IMO.

  • fair_deal

    Don’t want my comments to descend into whataboutery so here goes.

    1. It does have a number of confused/mixed messages.
    2. A lot of the policies are mom and apple pie stuff – more resources here, prioritise this. Although all NI parties manifestos are like that.
    3. It doesn’t really challenge the narrative of post-Assembly election events that most voting Unionists hold ie the DUP haven’t done half bad.
    4. It doesn’t really deal with the trust issue which they have to, to try and restore credibility amongh voters.

    On a personal note, the most definitely lose me because of their support for the national ID card scheme.


    I knwo the DUP voted against the legislation but what is the DUP’s position on a national ID card scheme? Opposed in principle or problems with the practicalities and detail?

  • yerman

    I presume the ‘Message from David Trimble’ picture surrounded by black is either his mourning shroud for the UUP or is a picture of him sitting in a darkened room contemplating all he has done and hopefully feeling suitable repentant. (davidbrew’s pearl handled revolver and whisky quote springs to mind).

    Managed to catch a wee bit of the press conference. Someone tell Sylvia Hermon that chirps of “uh-huh”, “that’s right” and “yes” into the microphone as she is clamped to DT’s shoulder dont actually help.

    Also, visually very bad – didnt like the layout of them all just standing there around the microphone, and there was little or nothing of an actual set. just one little stand up board and a microphone stand. Not terribly professional for the ‘natural party of government’.

  • Stalford

    My own view is that ID cards are a solution waiting for a problem. I don’t see how they will eradicate the threat of international terrorism. As to an official party position look out for the manifesto – it’s coming soon!

  • queens_unionist

    I myself am not against the national ID card.
    I could be educated otherwise since all i hear are civil rights groups preaching about rights which does bore me after a while.
    I dont know the DUP policy on them
    Also I’d like a brief summary of arguements against them fair_deal.

  • sean west

    I have just been unfortunate enough to read the PUP manifesto.I could have come up with something better when i was 16.It looks like old Dave Ervine
    and a couple of his mates where in a bar and had a few and started coming up with ideas.
    It is really atrocious,awful.
    And to show i am even handed, i have seen the sdlp
    in their manifesto demand Britain join the euro.
    Where do these people come from.

  • fair_deal


    1. I believe in limits on the power of the state. If the states wants my fingerprints or anything else then it better have probable cause. (It’s the Ulster-Scot in me, strong belief in individualism and distrust of centralised power. While the Orangeman in me also likes my civil liberties the way they are thank you Mr Blair. Oh and by the way NIHRC no need to consult about the a Bill of Rights for NI, no need to reinvent the wheel, there is a very good one from the US of A).
    2. I know the civil rights groups can be a turn-off however that doesn’t mean they are always wrong.
    3. It will not deal with international terrorism. Countries with such schemes have had both domestic and international terorist incidents.
    4. Any IT person I have talked to have said two things to me:
    It will not work. It will have inaccuracy levels as high as 20%.
    The system will require so many access points that system integrity and security will be difficult to maintain. If there is one major security breach then the system would be effectively useless.
    5. It costs a bloody fortune for little or none of the promised improvements.

  • fair_deal


    where did you get a copy of the PUP manifesto? Is it online?

  • Occasional Commenter

    queens_unionist, the 9/11 hijackers had valid visas, so would have been able to get valid ID cards if they were required. Would it be any consolation to the victims of terrorism to know that the suicide bombers had to get an ID card first? Absolutely not.

  • queens_unionist

    “where did you get a copy of the PUP manifesto? Is it online?”

    Or spray painted on a wall somewhere perhaps?

  • queens_unionist

    I cant debate for the National ID card.
    I really do not know enough. about them but i do plan to read up on the arguements for and against…some day

  • sean west

    You cruel people.And how dare any one say unionists do not have a sense of humour.
    I saw it on their website.I do not know if it for this year ,they do not say.But it is pretty dreadful.

  • fair_deal


    That was for the Assembly election if memory serves

  • Alan2

    I believe David Ervine said he will not be standing. He wants to work on the violence, criminality and guns issues instead.

  • sean west

    Sorry.You are probably right.I always get excited on the PUP website now it works.
    I wonder if big Dave will have any more policy gems this election.

  • Davros

    He wants to work on the violence, criminality and guns issues instead.

    Open goal ? 😉

  • davidbrew

    UUP in lies shock! (ok, not really ashock) Beggs and Junior Drac aren’t reading Harry’s Potty as claimed in the manifesto- Beggs is inflicting a book about Scottish Unionism on poor innocent kiddiwinkles, while Junior Drac is reading some weighty tome on garlic allergies. How could anyone vote for such mendacity? :0)

    BTW where is poor old David McClarty’s pic? I mean, even Billy the Potato gets his mug in the manifesto, but David’s completely forgotten about- hmmma bit like May 5th then

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    I was still waiting to hear if Ervine was standing, but since there was no announcement yesterday before nominations closed I assume he isn’t..

    I’m not convinced ID cards would work, but am not opposed to the principle should someone prove otherwise. I already have a Driving Licence and Passport though so I’m not sure what would be achieved.

    Will read the manifesto later.

  • fair_deal


    There is a pic of McClarty feeding swans

  • davidbrew

    -cruelty to animals as well!

  • queens_unionist

    vultures overhead would have been more apt for the UUP surely?

  • fair_deal

    Is it just me or has there been a distinct lack of UUers about here the past few days?

    Busy off campaigning I suppose

  • sean west

    Speaking about UUers has anyone noticed how Burnside changes his accent when he stalking on Newsline.He goes all Ulster,unlike when he is London.I overheard him in a restaurant in Mayfair one day.He was speaking very Home counties.

  • Karl Rove

    Which home county did you have in mind, Belfawstshire? Burnside sounds every bit as dour over there as he does over here. Ask the English if you don’t believe me. That he favours the Mirabelle, however, for Mayfair nosh I can well believe. Still, evidently, leading the PR lifestyle on a parliamentary income.

    Slugger’s next sweepstakes should be, the Gimp vs Burnside vs wee Reg: who wins the job of leading Norn Iron’s 4th party after the election? One of them will have MP after his name, and the other 2? Well Reg will do okay in losing, the Gimp not so well. Even David Archer won’t be able to spread enough love after SB falls out of UUP control.

  • sean west

    I think he would really love to be English.

  • davidbrew

    Another story about the hapless Copeland and pornography on a business computer in the Belly laugh on line edition tonight. He denies any wrongdoing, but you begin to see the electoral vultures circling in spite of that. Some could certainly make a case for a dirty tricks campaign against the party, although others who have been on the receiving end of UUP sharp practice could equally call it just desserts. It’s hard to see the Tele ( directors including Lord Rogan, UUP President) as a DUP cheerleader, mind you.

    Whoever’s right ( and whoever’s innocent or guilty)one thing is for sure: this is the worst possible background for the UUP to fight off it’s most serious challenge in history.

    The UUP seem to attract bad publicity as soon as they claim to speak for decent people, in the way that “Back to basics ” redounded on John Major. And we all remember what happened to him in his second election as leader.

  • Karl Rove

    I’m not sure what Trimble’s comedy factory can pull out of the hat next to entertain us with, but I am certain of one thing: his plan, self-evidently, is to take the UUP to the Edinburgh fringe, as he’s certainly not taking them to the West End after 6th May. Perrier awards all round!

    Don’t be DUPed!

    One grubby polaroid/security camera snapshot etc etc

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    Another story about the hapless Copeland and pornography on a business computer in the Belly laugh on line edition tonight.

    another great scoop for Daily Ireland.

  • Logybird

    “Decent people vote Ulster Unionists”

    Does that mean Nationalists aren’t decent people?

  • PatMcLarnon

    I know I shouldn’t but even i am starting to feel sorry for Ulster Unionism as it rather publicly writhes in its death throes.

  • Ireland Today

    Has Sinn Fein thought about what it will tell its voters after it has eliminated the SDLP? Then what? Use its “mandate” to bomb London?

    It no longer has a political plan that I can see.

  • sean west

    I have just the dear leaders manifesto.
    What a laugh.He should go in to comedy.
    Unionists love the multicultural aspect of the UK.
    What a lie.Trimble and co would liast about 5 minutes in Lambeth,Brent,Tower Hamlets and Redbridge,The English peole i know who live there hate those places.Yardie gangsters shooting eachother and talking Yardie trash talk.
    I could really see my unioinist brothers and sisters smoking weed and listening to Tupac.
    I could go on but it would waste my time.