McDowell: Republic's Politician of the Year

As if to show the breadth of its political purview, Magill not only named the controversial Minister of Justice Michael McDowell as ‘Politician of the Year’, it also named Sinn Fein’s European hopeful, Pearse Doherty as ‘One to watch’. Morning Ireland picked up a fair bit of after show banter (sound file).

  • Keith M

    Well earned award for McDowll and it’s nice to see the media who have tried (and failed misey) to portray McDowell as some kind of extremist, finally acknowleding his ability and judgement.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    I’m sure all of us can agree the award is thoroughly deserved.

  • trev

    Yes, what a wonderful man and so charismatic

  • Keith M

    I missed this bit “Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins, meanwhile, was named Communicator of the Year.”. Why do I think the Guinness had kicked in by that stage?

  • GavBelfast

    Well, dull he isn’t.

    I’m still a Jackie Healy Ray man myself, mind.

  • Jim Bob

    Interestingly, Vincent Browne also stated that Pearse Doherty (Sinn Fein, Donegal SW)was the most impressive candidate he had interviewed during that last Dail elections.

  • Levitas

    Yes nice to see the media desisting from their nasty demonising of that political equivalent of the wall-flower Mr Michael McDowell, they really do give him a rough time you know…Lets hope it heralds the start of an extended period of exactly the sort of fair and reasoned coverage that Gerry Adam’s and Martin McGuiness have basked in for so long.

  • OIlbhear Chromaill

    Piaras O Dochartaigh – to give him his full and proper name – was actually awarded the ‘One to Watch’ award in Magill. It seems that the magazine may have an irredentist revisionit anti-republican line but still sees the coming tide of Sinn Fein and doesn’t want to be left without a life boat WHEN that happens.

  • Davros

    Just for clarification OIlbhear – are you the same poster that posted attempting to use fada ?

  • OIlbhear Chromaill


  • Jim Bob

    To OC:

    Or maybe he’s so impressive a candidate that Magill feel that transcends even their anti-Sinn Fein bias.

    And interesting the way both Magill and Vincent Browne noticed the same thing.

  • joemomma

    Piaras O Dochartaigh – to give him his full and proper name

    But hasn’t he run as “Pearse Doherty” in previous elections?