Child prostitution on the rise

Another potentially important story from Daily Ireland. It concerns the rapid rise of child prostitution in Northern Ireland, something which is more often associated in the public mind with far east countries like Thailand.

Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Nigel Williams:

A number of very worrying reports have come to my attention that criminals are attempting to involve children and young people in prostitution. My office has been liaising with the PSNI and child welfare organisations like Barnardos and NSPCC to promote an effective response to these trends in sexual abuse.

  • Davros

    That’s OTT La Dolorosa.

  • Mick

    La Dolorosa:

    This is a serious subject. If you had any regard for it’s seriousness, you would not be making cheap jokes on the subject.

    Yellow Card!

  • fair_deal

    There is no other word for those who force kids into prostitution and those that solicit them other than vermin.

  • Alexander Bowman

    Mick – I entirely concur with you on the seriousness of the subject. However, I fail to see how this is slighted in any way by the posting you refer to.

  • Mick

    Trite comedic quips at the expense of a public figure is neither serious nor (in any journalistic sense) revelatory.

    he fact that both sets of remarks we made by the same person, sockpuppeting against each other only underlines the point.

  • La Dolorosa

    Is this a kind of censorship Mick? You castigate me and yet you have removed the posting on which you base this castigation. I in no way treate the subject of child prostitution/sexual abuse frivolously. As for your comment about me being a sock puppet………..

  • La Dolorosa

    The headline story on this thread about child abuse describes it as “something which is more often associated in the public mind with far East countries like Thailand”, but for many of us it is associated with much less remote locations. When a social worker, in the same position as Nigel Williams is now, attempted to ‘ liaisie’ with the Rev. Paisley, vis a vis Mr Willie McGrath she was basically dismissed……’Mr McGrath is a Godly man etc’ Then the Reverend performed marriage ceremonies for 2 of the same man’s children SUBSEQUENT to the ‘allegations’ made by this social worker.Then, when the full extent of the abuses at Kincora began to emerge, the Rev. P attempted to reverse this chronology.

    Most of this is covered in Chris Moore’s book on the subject. As I was able to purchase a recent (as of the year 2000 ) copy, I take it that Mr. paisley (a man, after all, so litigious that he will sue a non entity lke Paul Daniels) accepts its accusations.

  • Butterknife

    Define a child?

  • Mick

    Unicef’s definition of a child (article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child):

    “A child is recognized as a person under 18, unless national laws recognize the age of majority earlier”.