Can Basil brush off Jeffrey..?

A TANGLED Web carried an interview with UUP Lagan Valley Westminster candidate Basil McCrea yesterday.

When asked the killer question about whether he could beat Donaldson, McCrea replied.


What is Mr. Donaldson well known for? Walking out on the negotiations at the 11th hour, standing for one party and joining another, opposing the Belfast Agreement whilst in the UUP and then advocating the SF-DUP Comprehensive agreement whilst in the DUP.

With regard to the numbers (rounded for simplification) there were 26,000 UUP voters at the last Westminster elections and only 6,000 DUP. In simple terms, (it is not worth long arguments, Alliance etc etc.) Mr. Donaldson needs a personal vote of 10,001 to win the seat. That is a challenge and my experience on the door step is that he will not achieve this. Many people are deeply unhappy and offended about his decision to jump ship.

I also believe that the DUP have misjudged the mood of a significant proportion of the electorate. Many have moved on, the want politicians to find solutions to their problems. They are more interested in bread and butter issues such as education, health and jobs. I like to think that as a new face, I can offer new thinking and hugely valuable experience of the real world.

  • Peter

    Donaldson is home and dry in Laganvalley.He will easily poll 25-30000 votes.He unlike the others in the UUP stood by his principles.Remember it was Trimble and co that voted for SF scum to be in government in Ulster.

  • Jim Bob

    Basil would need all the midges round Aghalee Lough Neagh shore to individually come out and vote for him to have a chance.

    Roll on DUP Ulster Nationalism, or if you prefer you can have the milder tasting UUP Ulster Nationalism….

    Common sense and progressive values certainly won’t be on the menu in this or in any other Unionist constituency. That’s for sure.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Ulster Nationalism? From Unionists? Try telling that to Ulster Nation.

    (Still find it ironic they have a ‘’ domain)

  • Jim Bob

    “Ulster Nationalism? From Unionists? Try telling that to Ulster Nation.”

    I know there are all sorts of degrees of tedious Ulster nationalism.

    UUP is one. The DUP is another. The stupid website you pointed to is yet another.

    It’s very important that you look to yourselves in a serious way. You may need professional help and guidance from suitably qualified people. The important thing is that you do it.

    You need to leave your bigoties behind. You need to reach out to your Catholic neighbours. You need to understand that you don’t own Ulster.

    That would be a beginning…

  • Fobo

    “Remember it was Trimble and co that voted for SF scum to be in government in Ulster.”

    So you don’t expect the DUP to go into government with SF at any point?

  • True Blue

    Basil Brush is living in his own wee world!! there is no way he can take that seat. Cant wait to hear his excuse.