Upper Bann to the man who wants it most?

Nice little closing line from the DUP man who wants David Trimble’s seat. Susanne Breen has been out following the action (at some pace it would seem) on the stump in Portadown! This is one of two or three seats we hope to keep a careful watch on, when we hit the ground running next week!

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Reading that article I was torn between a feeling of admiration for a guy out on the streets working for votes, and another feeling like I was about to vomit at the cheesy, sleazy soundbites.

    Between this guy’s apparent energy, and the disastrous “Decent people… vote Ulster Unionist” campaign, Trimble can’t afford to sit back and relax, but I for one am hoping he makes it through the election and back to the green benches of Westminster.

  • queens_unionist

    Well certainly no-one deserved it more than DS. Trimble has let unionism down time and time again!Why doesnt he take a peirage and let a real worker go to westminster.
    But the most entertaining thing wil see DT loose his rag over and over again.
    he he i want to watch him go even more purple!

  • jimmyquickswipe

    He reminds me a bit of Boris (you don’t even need to type his second name) only more energy and fluidness. There’s a brilliant article on Boris in the Times today also out canvassing, only Simpson has more apparent support.

  • Alan2

    Arlene Foster and Jim Allister were out and about Dungannon this morning.

  • sean west

    I can understand someone wanting Rome,Florence,Venice,Vienna,Munich or Paris.
    But upper bann!!.

  • Scarva DUP

    I have spent the last two weeks out campaigning for David Simpson in Upper Bann and the public response has been overwhelming! There has even been a huge swing in support since the assembly election. David Simpson is on the ground working tirelessly for the people. Everyone can see that and that’s why his campaign is gaining such momentum.
    Role on May 5th!!!

  • Keith M

    This is one of the seats that is really interesting this time out;

    Upper Bann
    South Belfast
    Upper Bann
    East Antrim
    South Antrim

    The other 12 are all but decided.

  • queens_unionist

    edna birch, you’ve been doing a lot of campaign for the DUP ths last two weeks!

  • True Blue

    Its good to hear David Simpson is working so hard, hopefully he will get his reward and finally push trimble out!! The only thing that will stop Simpson is if some SDLP voters take it upon themselves to try and save Desperate David Trimble!!

  • middle-class taig


    I think only one of the two Upper Banns is interesting. The other one is boring. However, I think South Down is interesting too.

  • Keith M

    m-c t, For one of the Upper Bann’s read North Down. I think South Down is the one guaranteed SDLP hold.

  • Chris Gaskin

    UPDATE: Ratzinger made pope

    Guess who is turning Protestant now ?

  • Tiny

    I don’t accept this nonsense from Dr Weir about the DUP not being the religious wing of the Free P’s, Donaldson made the same claims then Lagan Valley’s Downshire branch not only holds a gospel service to raise funds but pokes fun at a dying Pope in the process.
    What other mainstream political party would hold a gospel concert to raise money?

  • Alex s

    lets hope the DUP can lose with good grace unlike last time when a mob attacked both David Trimble and his wife leaving the Count Centre

  • True Blue

    trimble win!!! come on now, only the sdlp can save him now.

  • peter

    Two eggs every morning for three weeks. My, doubt he would not be able to vote on May 5th as he would be dead from a heart attack.

  • Indeed

    Simpson win, by approx 1500 votes.

    Quite clear that more and more people in Upper Bann are sick and tired of Trimbles attitude to the constituency and more importantly its constituents.

    As for the crap from Tiny, move on will you. Was the Pope dying in February? In my opinion its those that pigeon holed this incident to a more opportune time that are the real sicko’s here.

    Alex S,

    Thats irrelevant, because the DUP won’t be losing this time. Can’t wait to see the turtle’s face.

  • David Vance

    Trimble will lose Upper Bann unless there is a SIGNIFICANT SDLP vote in his favour. Living here in Upper Bann – I don’t detect it and the primary reason is simple to understand – last time around nationalists needed DT – now they don’t and so he will be discarded and sent from Upper Bann to the Upper House. I would suggest he takes the title Lord Vichy – it would be apt.

  • is the pope the anitcrhist

    now a new pope has been selected, can any dup/free p`er , tell us if Dr Paisly considers the new pope to be the antichrist?

  • johnhidd

    Trimble is proud of his record: “When I stand up to speak in the House of Commons, it falls silent.

    “I’ve the ear of the house. Upper Bann has no reason to be ashamed of their member and every reason to be proud.”

    Pompous, moi?

  • irish aussie

    In responce to comments regarding seats to watch,surely Nth Belfast has to be one.When I look at recent voteing patterns in Nth Belfast and think about demographics and the current political reality, the rise of Sinn fein and the fall of the SDLP, I can only think SF have a very big show of winning this seat. I’m very surprised no one else seems to think that, or is there some salient fact to which I’m unaware.

  • fair_deal

    A UUer told me last night a newspaper poll had Simpson winning by a thousand votes. Was it a paper in the Upper Bann area? Can anyone confirm or deny it?

  • davidbrew

    What other mainstream political party would hold a gospel concert to raise money?

    …er actually the UUP used to do it a lot in the west and border areas.

    BTW is David Archer no longer decent now that he has left the UUP?

  • davidbrew

    A UUer told me last night a newspaper poll had Simpson winning by a thousand votes. Was it a paper in the Upper Bann area? Can anyone confirm or deny it?

    Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph quotes NIO polling as Simpson projected 1200 votes ahead. Looks like daphne’s clearing her throat, and the orchestra has struck up the overture….

  • fair_deal


    Going by the Press Association piece and the praise from an SDLP councillor Simpson has used his position as deputy and mayor to try and defuse the potential for SDLP tactical voting

  • queens_unionist

    If DT didnt regain his seat [which i think looks unlikely] then will he remain leader of the UUP or will he resign?
    Or indeed wil there be a UUP to be leader of?

  • The Watchman

    Typical Turtle-ism: “No, I won’t campaign until I’ve handed in my nomination papers.”

    One would have thought he would want to fight for every vote going, ASAP.