Thanks to all our contributors…

I think it’s clear that you’ve all made me very happy. Even the beard is gone (the real one to follow tomorrow morning)! Eleven hundred means we can run and run early. We’ll kick off with a press analysis panel at the Institute of Governance at Queens next week – details to follow later today, or tomorrow. I’m really pleased, not simply with the amount we’ve raised, but also with notes from people locally and globally that give us some idea of how much you value Slugger! Don’t forget it’s not too late to put your own contribution, no matter how small!

  • maca

    Ok Mick, the smig is gone, but lipstick?? That’s a step too far. Honestly!

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    Great, I’m looking forward to him calling to me on his canvass….

  • MIck

    It does look a bit girly! I’m a bit rougher than that in real life!

  • Solomon

    New poster here, Hello

  • Davros

    Keep the beard Mick! Really – and restore it to the Icon. It’s scarey 😉

  • Solomon

    looks like the bird of the kingsmill bread advert, the lesbian one.

  • Mick

    Too late lads. It’s done and yes, it is scary!