Liam Kennedy to stand in West Belfast

Professor Liam Kennedy is to stand in the West Belast constituency for the Westminster seat currently held by Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams.. as he did previously in 1997.. and with basically the same campaign as then – “on the need for all paramilitaries to go away.” Hmm.. I suspect that some of the comments on this will be completely predictable

  • Jim Bob

    Professor Liam Kennedy is standing in West Belfast

    “on the need for all paramilitaries to go away.”

    Prof Kennedy is obviously standing for the Magic Wand party then…

    Dear, oh dear

    I know I’m sticking my neck out a bit on this one, but I predict a hold in this seat

  • Jacko

    Fair play to the man for taking a stand.
    Hope he does well, though I doubt it.

  • harry

    Liam who ???

  • aquifer

    Since the young people who generally get it in the neck, knees etc from the paramilitaries are generally below the age when they could stand for election themsselves, it is entirely honourable that he stands. The other parties have not exactly made this child abuse and summary injustice a headline issue.

  • middle-class taig

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Prof can once again reach the dizzying heights of his resounding 1997 endorsement by the electorate of West Belfast (102 votes, comfortably ahead of the Natural Law Party candidate on 91).

    Interesting also that he chooses West Belfast again. I understood that there were more punishment beatings in other areas of Belfast nowadays, and in some outlying areas. Anyone got any recent (independent preferably) figures? Prof Kennedy, who might equally stand in North, South or East Belfast, East Antrim, North Down ir Lagan Valley, might wish to consider whether having already impliedly labelled West Belfast a centre for punishment beatings (and having been told to yo-ho by its voters), he might like to turn his finely tuned microscope on other places where these crimes are in fact more common nowadays?

    It would be tragic if the Prof’s choice of constituency left him open to the criticism that his candidature is a craven attempt to damage Gerry Adams.

    Does the good Professor live in West Belfast?

  • Mick

    The last figures we had from Minister’s questions showed that Loyalist beatings were running at about twice the rate of those meted out by Republicans.

  • sean west

    Waste of time and money.