IRA closed Dublin Guard station?

An extraordinary story, if it turns out to hold water. Young Irelander has a snippet from last night’s Evening Herald that alleges that “Gardai were forced to close down one of Dublin’s main garda stations after IRA threats”. Officers had arrested the main suspect for a particularly clinical murder in an inner city pub.

  • Keith M

    I heard this story on Sunday morning, but I couldn’t get confirmation. I think the Hearld have slightly spiced it up, but apparently there were very nasty scenes. Is anyone surprised about SF/IRA criminality anymore?

  • Paul O

    Criminality seems to be pretty cross-community now Keith! If Dublin was worried about the electoral threat of the UUP Davie and the boys might have even got a mention!

  • lib2016

    These allegations have been made before. It turned out that the guy was a dissident and had been so for years. It’s an old trick of the Indo and the Herald to try and link the dissidents to the Provisionals. Same thing happened to the vast ‘moneylaundering conspiracy’ a month or two ago.

    We know that there’s a heave on at the moment to pressurise Sinn Fein and perhaps it’s too much to hope that Slugger might be a little more sophisticated.

  • Ringo

    It’s an old trick of the Indo and the Herald to try and link the dissidents to the Provisionals

    Oh, those pesky Dublin meeja folk – how can they make such wild accusations when obviously there is no connection. They may be offshoots of the provisional movement from a decade ago, and they may have identical goals and methods of attaining those same goals, and they may be dominated by people who’ve been in both factions at some stage, but it is preposterous to suggest that there is any connection. Really.

  • sean west

    Sinn Fein and the IRA also dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Also i am sure i saw them in Dallas in 1963.And the man who threw the firebomb on Nelson Dida Milan’s goalkeeper
    was definitely a shinner.
    Thank goodness for sir anthony o’reilly for telling us the truth.And suzy breen, eoghan harris
    brendan “tubbs” o connor, ellis hanlon,and last but no means least Ruth Duddley Edwards.
    What a bunch of losers.

  • Paul O


    dont forget the assasination attempt on the Pope! Also, Gerry Adams was reported seen driving a white Fiat through the streets of Paris one fateful night in Autumn 1997…