DUP: having their cake and eating it?

For once the UUP seem to have trained their two biggest guns in the same direction, the DUP. Both David Burnside and David Trimble have attacked their rivals for sending mixed messages to the electorate and the two governments about the likelihood of a deal that could include Sinn Fein a bit further down the line!

Bob McCartney, announcing that he would not be running in North Down, said that Peter Robinson mentioned the term ‘a generation’ in a conversation with him. Now, it appears that Mr Robinson is running away from any talk of no business with Sinn Fein ‘for a generation’ as fast as he can.

Is it because such talk has received a negative reaction from within the republican movement? Or is Bob McCartney misrepresenting Mr Robinson? The fact is that Peter Robinson is trying to have his cake and eat it: he is sending messages to the unionist community that the DUP will not form any kind of administration with Sinn Fein.

At the same time, he appears to be sending subtle messages to the governments that he is open for business with Sinn Fein as soon as the election is over. The electorate is not susceptible to such doublespeak.

  • fair_deal

    This particular row I think has reached the stage when Joe and Joan Bloggs will completely zone out. An attack and rebuttal is about as far as most are preprared to listen too especially when you have to have seen this particular article or that particular programme.

  • La Dolorosa

    I think it’s Burnside who’s having his cake, (or rather gateau) and eating it.

  • yerman

    The UUP attack the DUP for having mixed messages – that’s rich!

    So which is it this week fellas – is the DUP really the taliban in disguise who want to take Ulster back to the dark ages or are they just days away (and dont forget the grubby polariod) from jumping into bed with the provos.

    According to the UUP on a particular day the DUP can be one, either or indeed both!

  • Dessertspoon

    They are both as bad as each other when it comes to mixed messages. If Robbo is serious about the 25 years thing god help us all. I have actually looked at some of the policies and positions of the various parties on what’s known as the “bread and butter” issues and most agree (I know shock horror!!) on what needs to be done. Some disagree on approach but not by much. That’s what makes the fact that every election in Norn Iron is all about the UK vrs ROI or why I’m more unionist/nationalist than the other guy so depressing. If I had a vote in ROI on unification I’d vote NO – I mean would you want us?? I’m pretty sure the UK would vote to kick our worthless butts out. Trimble has only said one “decent” thing – voting to the extremes won’t work. Problem is I’m not sure who’s left to vote for.

  • sean west

    So true desertspoon.David dunseith said it all the other day ,if they put us on e bay who would bid.We are a waste of space with a joke football team.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    You basically have the Alliance, or if you’re in one of East Belfast, Strangford, North Down you also have the Tories. Not much of a choice really.

  • yerman

    And what exactly is your message Mr Burnside?

    Nice to see David Burnside tieing himself in so closely with his esteemed leader!

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    “How does Mr Burnside’s call for unionist unity sit with his party leader’s plea yesterday for voters to back both the UUP and the SDLP?”
    Nice to see McCrea is just as adept as Robinson and Trimble of twisting statements made by others to suit their own political ends.

  • middle-class taig

    The other problem, Dessertspoon, is that there are no extremes any more. SF are in longstanding occupation of much of the SDLP’s political territory, while maintianing a degree of ideological sovereignty. The UUP have actually surrendered their practical, emotional, intellectual and physical territory to the DUP. DUP and SF are now each as respectable in the eyes of their own community, as the other is degenerate. I feel a sense of nausea and disgust that so many of my neighbours vote DUP. No doubt the same people are horrified at the electoral strength of SF. I don’t believe for a second that any of the voters in question think themselves to be doing anything indecent, immoderate or immoral.

    The only remaining extremes are those opposed to standing down the IRA and those opposed to sharing power with SF thereafter. With the RA and Paisley both poised to hop it (one voluntarily, the other kicking and screaming), it hardly matters which the populace chooses. Therefore, let’s just enjoy the spectacle of a sabre-rattling intra-communitarian popularity contest.

    The only danger (other than an RM split) is if unionism appoints a Ratzinger, such as Dodds, rather than an Arinze, such as Robinson, after the death of Pope Ian Kyle.

  • Alan2

    “If I had a vote in ROI on unification I’d vote NO – I mean would you want us?? I’m pretty sure the UK would vote to kick our worthless butts out.”

    Thats why I advocate an Independent NI. It would MAKE people get up and take notice and take responsibility for this wee country and not be reliant on the ROI or England. I know some have expressed fears that it would mean a return to a “Protestant state” or a DUP run state but I would suggest it wouldnt or couldnt happen in this day and age and some form of coalition government would HAVE to be formed or descend into anarchy and everyone loose there comfortable lifestyles and luxuries that everyone has grown accustomed to.

  • West Belfast DUP

    If David Burnside is the only UUP MP left in WEstminster after the next election; if there are any left at all, would he not join the DUP in the spirit of unionist unity?

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    “would he not join the DUP in the spirit of unionist unity?”
    Are you serious? And the DUP accuse the UUs of arrogance!

  • West Belfast

    I he was the only UUP MP then he would to have a united Westminster unionist team.

  • Glen Road DUP

    Diane Dodds will probably come out of this election in second place.

  • Glen Road DUP

    Diane Dodds will probably come out of this election in second place.

  • El Matador

    Trust me, Robinson is no Arinze! Good job he’s locked in that conclave or the poor fellow would have a heart attack at such comparisons!

  • middle-class taig

    Oh, I don’t know, hasn’t he been hanging around for the last decade and a half, ultra-cautious not to utter any heresies, doing numerous important jobs in preparation for the top spot, waiting for a more conservative, more charismatic elder statesman to give him his chance? And isn’t he the great hope of those outside his organisation longing for some softening of its glacial ice?

    Just what are the procedures for electing a new DUP leader? Is (s)he “elected” at all? Wouldn’t it be a geg if they did a papish parody complete with a Ravenhill conclave, red costumes and black/white smoke?

    The gorgeous (but worryingly blueshirt) Grainne Seoige was saying last night that Arinze was a gaelic games fan and had visited Croker. Guess that rules out any comparison with Peter the Great of Castlereagh.

  • jimmyquickswipe

    “Diane Dodds will probably come out of this election in second place.”

    I was actually thinking that myself today, whats odds? What a confidence boost it would be for the Shankill and Suffolk.

  • queens_unionist

    if they put us on e bay who would bid.We are a waste of space with a joke football team.

    Well i would buy the country itself. I love this place.
    and for your football team comment…f they were a top class football team would you support them, probably not.

  • scottish neutral

    middle class taig raises an interesting point – who will be the next DUP leader?

    There has been much debate over the diferences between Robinson, Dodds, Donaldson etc, and their respective degrees of either “hardline” or “modernising” ideas.

    But surely with the rise of Sinn Fein, and the imminent development of DUP/SF 2-party politics, no matter who the next DUP leader is, they will have to adopt a extreme stance anyway?

    So what I am saying is, whethere the next leaer was Dodds, Robinson or whoever…it wouldnt make a great deal of difference!

  • fair_deal

    The hardliner/moderniser stuff is largely media cack.

    Dodds is young enough to let Robinson have his ‘turn’ so to speak.

  • sean west

    Lets be real.Sinn Fein and the DUP will do a deal after the election.They will both win easily
    and that is that.Trimble has only himself to blame
    for his own situation.As for Durkan he should just become an accountant or a mini cab.