'Blair Babe' the real rebel?

Lady Sylvia Hermon has responded to Peter Weir’s charge of being Labour’s favourite MP. She doesnt try to dismiss the fact that she has voted with Labour over 250 times, often while the rest of her colleagues have been going through the other lobby alongside the Conservatives.

Indeed, an investigation of her voting record makes you wonder, is Sylvia the only real rebel left in the UUP? Peter Weir is obviously trying to get a few Tory votes in his pile as he mounts the challenge for Westminster. No doubt he is aware of the irony of using Lady Hermon’s rebellions against the UUP at Westminster against the woman who took the UUP nomination after his own removal in 2001.

  • la Dolorosa

    Good for Sylvia! At least she has a social conscience and progressive outlook unlike some of the political/right-wing dinosaurs that are about.

  • Peter W

    so spake Clive McFarland ex young Alliance, then Young Unionist, then DUPer, co incidently also Peter Weir’s PA.

    Wee bit of a vested interest in there somewhere???

  • Clive McFarland

    Unfortunately for my ego it would make me feel more important if I was attacked with the facts!

    I’ve obviously blanked out my ‘Young Alliance’ days – you must be thinking of someone else. I am guilty of being a former Young Unionist, but I’ve tried to repay my debt to society and have been successfully rehabilitated into the community.

    It would also be former PA, although its nice to be famous even in some small way!

  • Two Nations


    what name do you post under on slugger?

  • fair_deal

    Intelligence Insider

    Either have the balls to make direct accusations against Spratt or Weir not innuendo or Obscenity removed. A.U.

  • peter

    N.Down is one of the few interesting contests. If Weir wins then the the UUP is finished. I still think she will pull though as N.Down has a strange electoral history.

    However my confidence in a UUP victory is fast fading.

  • Odd Job


    If Weir wins then the the UUP is finished.

    Alliance have handed the seat to the DUP they should pull out.

  • oscar wilde

    If I were UUP posters I would advise very carefully about throwing mud in Weirs’ direction. I suspect an imminent announcement about a withdrawal from a council race will proove the addage about glass houses …

  • aquifer

    Woman with her own mind takes an active part in the real politics of the UK. She’s back in.

  • bob wilson

    I’m not a DUP supporter but believe Peter is sincere and worthy rather than inspiring but I do welcome his attempts to unmask Slyvia Hermon. I believe that most people in North Down are not Labour supporting and yet their MP clearly is. Lady Hermon goes around giving off the air of a Tory Dame – as I think this appeals to many North Downers – but at Westminster she is loathed by the Tories for her overt support and friendship with Labour.

  • Steve

    Bob, What a load of rubbish! The fact that Sylv was asked to sit on the Tories’ Private Members Bill Committee on the Householder Protection Bill totally proves that she has a great deal of respect from the Tory benches!

  • fair_deal

    More bad news for the good ship UUP. I never knew David Archer had gone into business the last I heard he was working in McGimpsey’s office

    Source BBC NI website

    UUP council candidate withdraws

    A businessman standing for the local council election in Lisburn has confirmed he is now withdrawing his candidacy for next month’s poll.
    The withdrawal of Ulster Unionist candidate David Archer Jr followed an alleged incident inside the city’s council offices.

    Mr Archer Jr said he would now withdraw from politics and focus his energies on developing his business career.

    He said he was resigning his current position as councillor “forthwith”.

    Mr Archer Jr said in a statement he had to make a choice between politics and business.

    “Working in politics has been an intensely fulfilling and rewarding experience for me but it also a fickle and, on occasion, dirty business to be involved in,” he said.

    “I have no time for the type of dirty tricks and innuendo that have characterised this election campaign to date and trust that they will end.”

  • Mick

    Indeed FP. I have to say we’ve seen a very nasty brand of dirty tricks on this thread – all now removed.

    As I have said elsewhere, it would be a shame to lose this commenting facility – because certain individuals can’t find it within themselves to fight with a reasoned argument.

    For one thing, it usually backfires on the perpetrator!

  • fair_deal


    By the way apologies for my obscenity, lost my temper.

  • Mick

    Let’s call it extreme provocation!

  • bob wilson

    So why are the Tories running against her? I’m sure the Tories at Westminster are very pleasant to her but they do not regard her as a Tory sympathiser indeed a number of senior Tories I know would love to see her lose.
    She should be open with people in North Down about being a Labour supporter- maybe like Bob McCartney she was afraid of telling the electorate the truth

  • Two Nations


    is there any chance of providing a biog of the new bloggers that have recently appeared on the site? MS I have seen on here before but Clive I do not know anything about.

    The very pro-UUP postings of MS seemed to rile some of the regulars, even though that was supposed to be the point! It would good to know where the new people are coming from.

    Just a thought.

  • Mick

    Believe me I’d love to have the time. Not all of our bloggers want that kind of detail in public domain.

    In fact, it shouldn’t matter. I’ve just put all the ‘politicos’ under the same banner on the right hand side, so that people know they are meant to be partisam.


  • Keith M

    Does anyone know the truth about the Archer withdrawl? Is this connected to the raid on Copeland’s office of is it a case of some UUP people being more “decent” than others?

  • fair_deal

    Keith M

    The archer stuff is wholly unconnected with the Copeland raid.