The next "Evil Empire"?

Spotted on the overly-optimistic Guardian NewsBlog. Are you looking for suggestions to make your popular blog financially viable? *ahem* Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of the behemoth, and partisan, US political blog DailyKos has branched out into blogging on baseball, or, specifically, separate blogs for each Major League Baseball team.. for now. Worth remembering, perhaps, that DailyKos was, I believe, the first blog to issue its own press releases. *shakes head*.. ANYway.. The New York Times has a short article[free reg. req.] on one of the blogs set up by Markos’s new company, SportsBlogs Nation.. What do you think, Mick? OrchardCountyBlog? LinfieldBlog?.. ah well.. *wanders off again*

  • Yoda

    Yoda, you seek Yoda.

    A blog, imagine. A blog, yes, where everybody like Yoda speaks.

    Pay you it can.


  • peteb

    More likely to be seeking someone from the dark side, Yoda.. as in this report.. but the Empire will always be challenged 🙂

  • Yoda

    The Forest Moon of Endor’s Capital City Furballs have my favourite Blurnsball team always been. Yes.