Raid delays UUP manifesto launch

The police investigation into money-laundering allegations has resulted in the UUP deciding to postpone the launch of their election manifesto for 48 hours – David Trimble is still backing the UUP MLA, and local government candidate, Michael Copeland, whose home and offices were searched last week. They’ll be hoping for some more positive images in the media over the coming weeks.

  • danny

    anyone been in the strand lately ?????? it’s o.k trust me ………

  • danny

    did the mccartney vigil go ahead as planned ??????? many there ?

  • queens_unionist

    decent people vote UUP, erm since when has even allegations of money laundering made someone decent?
    I new that the UUP and Sinn Fein IRA had dealings in the past but i didnt hink they were in cohorts together!!

  • danny

    Sinn Fein IRA in cohorts ?? wow maybe the mccartneys will now ask the uup for help !

  • The Gent

    Word on the street is that Reg Empey is utterly livid with his Assembly colleaugue – and who can blame him? – standard party election press conference turns into East Belfast MLA having to defend his name before a media scrum!

    Reg did not look comfortable standing beside Mr. Copeland – not one little bit. This will run and run.

  • davidbrew

    Still no real explanation for delaying the manifesto though.Logically there can only be a few reasons for this:

    1 Daphne Trimble has had another baby
    2 They are belatedly so appalled by their execrable slogan that they’re dumping the entire print run and starting again (hmmm-UUP learning from mistakes- not really likely, on past experience)
    3 There is a huge story about to blow on Tuesday- IRA decommissioning at Trimble’s house, for example, or grubby polaroids of Peter Robinson at a linedancing contest
    4 Having got the attention of the civilised (and decent) world by crashlanding a space craft containing a confused porcine creature (Copeland) into earth, the strange aliens which have occupied the bodies of the UUP Assembly team after turning them into empty suits, will attempt to destroy the Doctor before invading earth.That’s Doctor Paisley -obviously- in case I’m getting my wires crossed with something else.
    5 UUP desperate to show they are decisive do something proactive instead of just rapidly falling apart as perusual.
    6 Er..that’s it really

  • The Gent

    When can we expect the “tough on crime….” thread to appear on the YU Weblog?


  • Karl Rove

    By how many ‘000s of votes will a monolithic Unionist party, formed under the aegis of the DUP alone, lose Unionism? I accept that the ‘total Unionist vote’ tally isn’t everything, but it’s a lot (and indeed, much of the criticism of Trimble by UUP traditionalists like me is based precisely on the fact that many of gimcrack schemes have, or would depress that tally still further).

    Will the numpties I see in eg UUC meetings *really* rally round the Gimp, sans a Westminster seat, and reward him for his part in our liquidation with the leadership after 6th May? Burnside has him, erm, personality issues too i accept, but he is that bit more likely to be our, ahem, entire parliamentary party than the undertaker.

    Can the DUP move easily into its post-paisley phase and accomodate the likes of Danny Kennedy, and other UUP assemblymen who’ll have the wit to jump ship, should the post-wipe out UU leadership carry on turtling downwards? What impact *are* ex-UUP people having on the DUP?

    Sorry for all the questions, but as a lifelong Ulster Unionist who is about to see his party wiped out by that ginger suicide cult, otherwise known as the diesoft Trimbelites, I would like to know quite what it is I’m going to be left with, in terms of options, as a Unionist voter.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    From the BBC today:
    “The council said they were served with a production order under the Proceeds of Crime Act. It said the police inquiries did not concern any councillor or member of council staff”

  • Stephen Warke

    Yes beano, the cut and paste job you refer to involves North Down Borough Council.

  • yerman

    Good to see you back on after your performance on Talkback telling David Trimble what a wonderful fella he is!

  • PatMcLarnon

    Well at least Trimble has given his backing to the hapless Copeland. As he rightly points out to ask him to stand down would be ‘judgemental’ and it would be unfair to the man. Unionism not rushing to judgement is such a refreshing and indeed unusual position for them to adopt.

  • DerryTerry

    Unionists not rushing to judgement. Can you be a Unonist and not rush to judgement? Or do you only have to rush to judgement when it is Republicans who are being questioned?

    If i was a Unionist i would be demanding that the party leadership produce the evidence that will convict/clear this innocent/guilty man.

    Also tempted to demand Hugh Orde tell us what’s going on, until realising that he’s likely the last person to know.