Language barriers

I notice this press release on the DUPs website in which Peter Robinson (illustrated with an election poster of new friend J M Donaldson for some reason) uses some decidedly unparliamentary language. Just as well he didn’t say it in Parliament really, for as we all know, people get ordered to “withdraw immediately from the House” for saying such things there.

  • arp

    How interesting that the DUP who claim their ‘Leadership is Working’ getting a little confused as to who their candidates actually are.

    It is indeed also interesting to note this unparliamentary language – perhaps he will be using it even more after May 5th.

  • maca

    “David Trimble is an unmitigated liar…” “Oh Peter is such a slag!”

    It really baffles me just how pathetic NI political parties are. I rarely visit these websites (an awful waste of my bandwith) but on the rare occassion that I do it’s always the very same bullshit … moaning about the other parties. How about tackling some real issues instead of having a bitch fight!
    Honestly, absolute morons the lot of them!

  • GavBelfast

    You know, I saw the Conservative broadcast for Northern Ireland this evening, delivered by Liam Fox and, like or or loathe them, it contained, whisper it quietly, a few policies.

    It’ll never catch on.

  • fair_deal

    Where is the JD poster?
    Its not showing up on when I use the above link.

  • Traditional Unionist

    its there

  • Gonzo

    Robinson said: Is the DUP refusal to accept a bad deal not better that the UUP doing a bad deal?

    Umm… I hate to remind Robinson, but that’s exactly what he was about to do last year until the Paisley speech/IRA robbery* scuppered the whole deal.

    It wasn’t the political aspects of the deal that were the problem for the DUP, it was silly pictures of disarmament. The DUP made it perfectly clear they were prepared to sign up to a deal that was – in terms of IRA commitments – full of the ambiguity everyone called for an end to. It had more holes than a sieve, frankly, so I’m not sure that Robinson has much credibility on this particular issue.

    The DUP was satisfied with the political parts of the proposals, and it is only events that prevented it from signing up to a fairly rubbish deal.

    If the IRA do go away, the DUP certainly cannot claim credit – the IRA seem to be the authors of their own misfortune. Well, maybe Gerry too.

    * Delete according to tribe.

  • yerman

    People also get told off for their activities in waste management – I’m sure Roy Beggs will tell you all about it…

  • iluvni

    Is Peter a tad rattled perhaps?
    There seems to be a little discrepancy between the assurances which Bob McCartney says he received and what was actually said.

    One false move Peter and Nigel Dodds is going to jump in there and take what you’ve been waiting for all these years. Don’t panic now…

  • Davros

    Isn’t the plan for Jeffrey to be handed the crown so that he can unite the DUP and UUP ?

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Peter Robinson came across ok last week on H+M, but he’s just blown it. He has a point about DT misquoting him, but he loses any credibility the argument has by doing himself, exactly what Noel Thompson did last week on H+M and asking questions that have already been answered (just not paying attention?).

    First he says that the UUP are deliberately misquoting their position, and then goes on to say the UUP think 1.6 million people in NI aren’t decent.

    Noel kept asking Peter about the 25 years thing after Peter had said that was how long he thought it might take the IRA to disband. Trimble was wrong in the way he quoted this – when Peter had already clarified the situation several times. However for the DUP to go on and ask if the UUP agree that until the SF/IRA decist from criminality they are not fit to be part of government, which the UUP have already said is their position.

    It’s bad enough that our politicians spend all their time fighting, but it’s worse when they have to make things up to fight with each other about.

  • sean west

    Come on DUP get rid of Trimble for us.He is so so pompous.Be great to see him go along with Durkan, Mallon,Mcgrady and Burnside.

  • Circles

    So just what exactly is Robinson saying if Trimble misquoted him?
    In the statement we have hime saying:
    “At no time have I ever said or suggested there would be “nothing happening for twenty-five years”. That is a downright and deliberate lie. What I have said is that it may take a generation for the republican movement to divest itself of criminality…….I have also said that until they do they are not f(i)t to be part of any government.”
    Is he saying then – “yes there will be government, but without the Shinners, and for at least a generation”.
    If thats the case Peter, you really do have a quare gunk coming. This is the 21st century – any attempt to put back the clocks to the middle of the 20th will not work, no matter what pre-text you manage to come up with this time. Over 300 000 vote for SF. The croppies aren’t taking the horizontal position again, so lets finally start the politics of compromise. NO, NO, NO has to GO, GO, GO I’m afraid.
    Maybe though the government will supply a nice big grant to finance some unionist research on other words for no.
    I honestly can’t believe the arrogance of this man to try and even suggest this. Its a complete disgrace. Bigotry without any thin veil whasoever.
    Surely even Daniel..sorry Jeffrey, couldn’t beat this dose of Paisleyism.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    You guys here know how much I love the DUP *cough* but on watching H+M last week he made it clear that what he was saying was that he expected it to take a generation (~ 25 years) for SF/IRA to give up criminality and that until they did that, there would be no place for them in any government of Northern Ireland.

  • Jacko

    While reading it I could hear the Folks on the Hill voice and everything. Excellent press release shows “Robbo” for what he is.

  • Downshire Unionisy

    Robinson and Donaldson, anyone seen them in the same room recently?!

  • Intelligence Insider

    Anybody out there who finds DT pompous or arrogant hasn’t had the misfortune to meet either Peter Robinson or David Simpson! There aren’t too many politicians on any side of the political spectrum in Northern Ireland that I don’t know and I have to say Peter Robinson is the most arrogant, ignorant, pompous a$$hole I have ever met. Simpson is a close second.