Howe: Make me vote!

Excellent programme following Darcas Howe in a quest for an argument (sound file) that would make him abandon his lifelong abstentionism from the voting process. In the end he comes to Northern Ireland, believing it to be one of the few places where he might be pursuaded to vote. Local novelist gives it his best shot, but Howe is not obviously converted. So why should he change his mind? Tell us why, if we get a decent response, we’ll forward it to the programme makers and hopefully on to Howe in time for voting on May 5th!

  • Dessertspoon

    Maybe if people outside of Norn Iron voted instead of the chumps in it we would get a decent (sorry to use that word but hey!!) set of politicians who address issues not religion and division.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Isn’t that essentially what happens with direct rule? lol Our overlords are determined by who wins the GB contest.

  • George T

    Latest predictions guys?

    North Belfast – DUP hold
    East Belfast – DUP hold
    West Belfast – SF hold
    South Belfast – DUP gain
    North Antrim – DUP hold
    South Antrim – UUP hold
    East Antrim – DUP gain
    Lagan Valley – DUP gain/hold
    Strangford – DUP hold
    North Down – UUP hold
    South Down – SDLP hold
    Newry/S Armagh – SF gain
    Upper Bann – DUP gain
    Mid Ulster – SF hold
    East L/Derry – DUP hold
    Foyle – SF gain
    West Tyrone – SF hold
    Fermanagh/ S T – SF hold

    What do you reckon??