Few gambles on Northern Ireland outcome

Betfair is very quiet on the Northern Irish elections. Only five constituencies are even mentioned and at the moment there’s only been activity in two of those: East Antrim and Fermanagh/South Tyrone. Someone got in early and put money on Michelle Gildernew at the half decent odds of 6/4. It’s now gone down to 1/17. That’s partly because there’s no money going into any of the Northern Ireland races. In the past (in volume markets at least) Betfair’s been a good predictor for the final results. We’ll keep a weather eye on it! And keep you posted!!

  • PS

    I think Graham’s are offering odds, at least I saw odds from them advertised in the Daily ireland on Friday, I assume they’d be available at their offices. And of course there are very unofficial odds over at balrog!(which possibly need updated)

    6/4 on Gildernew was an absolute steal, wish i’d seen it.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Think I’d have taken those odds myself! Although I think that would have left me with confused allegiances on election day!